Up to 52% OFF On Koogeek for BLACK FRIDAY & Win Iphone X Activity


There is a huge Black Friday sale going on right now over at Koogeek. If you are looking for some new Smart health products, Koogeek is the way to go. During the new Black Friday sale and promotion, you can get up to 52 percent off items. The Koogeek Black Friday promotion starts this festival is very short time, so you need to hurry before the time runs out. Some of the items we are going to talk about include Smart bulbs and plugs, and you can click here to find the video that tells you everything about how useful these products are.

in this phase, firstly to say this is for US customers, you can get some interesting product with a Big discount like Apple HomeKit Enabled Smart Outlet, Apple HomeKit Enabled Smart Light Bulb, Apple Homekit Enabled Smart Plug and more in one of them the most useful product on every home:

Some Products On Big Discount:
Koogeek Apple Homekit Enabled Smart Light Switch 37% OFF
Koogeek Apple Homekit Enabled Smart Light Switch 34% OFF
Koogeek Apple HomeKit Enabled Smart Light Bulb 32% OFF
Koogeek Apple Homekit Enabled Smart Plug 31% OFF

Koogeek WiFi Smart LED Light Bulb

Add 16 Million Colors to Your Life Offer 16 million colors to choose from and every color is dimmable in the Koogeek Home app, you can match different colors to create special atmospheres for every moment and personalize your home.Easily connect to a 2.4 GHz WiFi network without a hub or bridge. It works with Apple HomeKit and supports Siri voice control. You can easily turn off lights with a single tap, without getting out of your comfortable bed.Automatically According to Timers, You can set different timers to turn on or off Koogeek smart light bulbs. Wake up in the morning with your favorite light turned on automatically. No need to worry about leaving home and forgetting to turn off lights.Create Scenes for Unlimited Possibilities You can create scenes to control multiple connected bulbs at the same time. Customize lighting effects and create brilliant lights for parties or festivals. Support a lifetime of up to 25,000 hours that is 22.8 years based on 3 hours use per day.Remote Control You can set up your Apple TV or iPad with tvOS or iOS 10.1 or later as a home hub, you can remotely control your HomeKit accessories. Turn off lights for sleeping family members without making any sound or waking them. Get lights turned on before getting home from work.

in this phase, and this is available for CA and other countries customers, you can find at some useful product like Apple Homekit Enabled Smart Light Switch, Apple Homekit enabled Smart Bulb Adapter, Apple Homekit Enabled Smart Light Switch and much more in one of them is the very useful product:

Koogeek Smart WiFi Light Switch

Dimmable: Adjust the brightness via the Dimmer or your phone. Work with incandescents of less than 400W and dimmable LEDs and CFLs of less than 200W. No timer.Remote Control: Set up your Apple TV as a home hub and control the Dimmer even when you’re away from home. Turn on the light before you arrive home and leave your home without worrying about your light.Support Siri Voice Control: Work with Apple HomeKit technology. You can activate Siri and use voice commands to control the Dimmer. You could also control the Dimmer with the Koogeek Home app directly from your iPhone, iPad, iPod touch or Apple Watch.Monitor Power Consumption Monitor the status and power consumption of your light and collect data. Help you track the power consumption and reasonably save electrical bills.Wide Compatibility: Compatible with all single pole light switches. Not intended for replacing 3-way light switches.

In addition to enjoying the special offers, you can also win an iPhone X and win other prizes or coupons from Nov. 20th to 27th Nov. Koogeek offers two funny games this time. One is the lucky draw. The rule is very simple: the process is very easy to read below image.

The Koogeek Website is easy to navigate and looks very nice. Searching the site or creating and the account is also a simple process. To create an account, simply enter your email/password or conveniently log in with Facebook or Google+. After account creation, you may receive an email once in a while with fantastic offers. they will choose lucky buyers randomly, (Deadline: 27th November).

1 lucky buyer will be taken at random to win the iPhone X
10 lucky buyers will be taken at random to win the Smart Arm Blood Pressure Monitor.
20 lucky buyers will be taken at random to win the Smart Socket.

so don’t waste your more time hurry up and go take your product the time is short and a product is hot, it’s time to get the best choice and take full advantage of this Koogeek Black Friday promotion.and the winner of the lucky draw will announce on KOOGEEK OFFICIAL FACEBOOK PAGE on 1st DEC, so stay tuned and get a chance to win new iPhone X and more.


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