IWOWNFIT P1 Sports Watch Review: Highly Competitor Of Amazfit Bip With Decent Price


When we talk about smartwatches, be it sports watches or a normal smartwatch a common perception is that they are costly gadgets. In fact, if you look at smart watches from companies like Fitbit or Garmin, this statement is somewhat true since they easily cost more than 100 USD for a decent smartwatch. But the iWOWNfit P1 Smartwatch that today that we are talking about is one of the exceptional product which gives you all the impressive features like GPS, ECG, HR Monitoring.. at an affordable price. Let’s review the iWOWNfit P1 power sports watch and find out whether it is worth the price. Let’s also discuss the pros and cons of this smartwatch so that you can get a real clarity on whether you should buy this device or look for an alternative fitness tracker.


The IWOWNFIT P1 is not like an Apple Watch and it cannot run hundreds of apps, so it isn’t super smart, but it is smart enough to be useful. The watch can be paired with an iPhone or Android phone running the IWOWNFIT app using Bluetooth and this enables the two to communicate. I used the IWOWNFIT P1 with a Redmi Note 5 and when a notification appears on the phone, the app sends it to the watch. It vibrates to let you know there is a notification and raising your wrist automatically turns on the screen so the notification can be read.

Using the phone app, it is possible to choose which apps send notifications to the watch and phone calls, email, texts, and instant messengers are the obvious choices, but any app can be selected. Only notifications are sent and not whole emails for example, but it means you can see why your phone just chimed without taking it out of your pocket. Raise your wrist and you can see what the notification was and read the subject.

Technical Specification Of IWOWNFIT P1 Sport Watch

  • Internal GPS
  • 1.3-inch color touchscreen (High resolution)
  • Hear rate monitor
  • 3 physical buttons for easy navigation (In addition to touch)
  • HRV/ECG (heart rate variability) analysis for fatigue monitoring
  • Waterproof up to 50 meters for swimming
  • Sleep tracking
  • Smartphone notifications
  • App support
  • Various running modes (free mode, Cardio Pulmonary Excercise and Testing (PET), Endurance, fat
  • burning, target time, target distance, target calories)
  • Activity tracking for a wide range of activities (cycling, running, fast walk, hill climbing, basketball, table
  • tennis, badminton, table tennis, soccer, volleyball, sit-ups, rope-jump, yoga, dance, aerobics, ice- skating,
  • swimming, tennis)
  • Additional functions such as a stopwatch, timer, move reminder etc.
  • Battery life: 5-7 days


In full sporting style, iWOWNfit P1 arrives in a colorful box with a transparent cover, which shows the sports watch in all its glory. A film is applied to the device which shows how the display will look when it is switched on. Once the box has been opened, after the various layers of foam and cardboard, we find the charger with a magnetic hook (and without wall adapter) a manual in Italian and the usual documentation with warranty and discount codes.

Design & Appearance

As soon as I opened the box, there is one thing that stood out the most, the charger. I have never seen anything like it. It’s a 5 pin conductor that uses magnets to secure your watch to the charger. Similarly, it works like a wireless charger, just less appealing. On the back of the watch, there is an indention with 5 pins where you will make contact with the charger. To be fair, once the chargers are connected via magnet, it won’t fall off easily even if you tried.

On the other hand, the watch itself is pretty standard. On the back, you will see the multiple sensors that will touch your skin and get all your statistics. The side buttons are premium built and are clicky when you press it. On the left side, the buttons act as the arrow buttons. On the right, is the menu/power button of the watch.

What’s different about it, is its strap, which is noticeably long. They made sure that the iWOWNfit P1 sports watch will fit comfortably with anyone, whether they are too big or too small. Although, if your hands are too small, the strap will have a lengthy extra that’s flailing around the watch. Also, the strap itself has a lot of holes for comfort. Breathability is important to sports watches as you are going to be sweating while you’re wearing this.

The iWOWNfit P1 PGS Sports Watch bracelet has integrated design with function and can be adjusted in size across the entire range from 141-230 mm. The actual clock is 34 x 44 mm with an IPS touchscreen of 1.3 “with a resolution of 240 x 240 pixels that is easy to read in both the sunshine and in a dark room. At the side of the clock, there are three physical buttons to help you to access features and then navigate by swiping your finger on the screen. In addition to time and date, you can view real-time updates as you train and any other data that it can store.

The clock has three buttons 2 left and one right. The build is Prety a lot of ABS material and metal cover on the back, where it is written, “IP68 waterproof to 50M”, which is a pretty good deal at this price. The straps are made of silicone and the design is quite normal and at best sporty.


One of the core features of this watch is that it stores and displays data about each activity that you have been through in a day. You can swipe to the right to form the main screen to launch the activity screen which has all the various activities listed in features. All of these activities will trigger the GPS. For instance, if you tap on cycling it will start searching for the GPS signal.

At the beginning of the activity, you can let the watch know what you are going to do (Of course while wearing it!) then the watch is going to monitor you throughout your activity. For example, if you are doing sit-ups, the watch will monitor your movement and finally, it’s going to tell whether you have done the proper motions and the number of situps you have done etc.

Notifications & Massages

Swipe the screen two times right from the main screen brings you the features screen where you can read your messages. For your information, the message only shows a snippet of the content – not the complete message. In addition to messages, you can look at your schedules, appointments, and calendar which are synced over to your watch from your smartphone. There’s also access to features like stopwatch, timer and finally settings. The settings panel allows you to change the watch dials, change the brightness and some additional settings as well.


With an activity bracelet that also works as a smartwatch on your arm, it’s almost like having a small mini phone on your wrist. Via Bluetooth connectivity to your smartphone, you can receive notifications and notifications to the clock from your phone. Read your text and see who’s calling. You can also set alarms, timing and hours. Should you take a nap or go to an important meeting, you can set the clock to the “no disturb” so you will not be disturbed in the beauty sleep or during your presentation.


iWOWNfit P1 GPS Sports Watch is made to be your training partner on the running trips. The clock has seven preset running modes; freestyle, distance, duration, endurance, energy, fat loss and cardiopulmonary exercise test (CPET), so you get the most out of each jog. iWOWNfit P1 can recognize many different activities and sports, including running, biking, swimming, dancing and yoga and measuring how long you exercise, how far you run and your pulse. You can also start training manually and select sports from the menu. When you achieve your set goals, the watch reminds you of a vibration.

Keep track of your heart rate and heart rate, both during the most intensive workouts and at rest. Behind the clock is a heart rate monitor that keeps track of your heart rate in real time so you know if you can take a little extra. Heart Rate Alert lets you receive alerts when you reach both the minimum and maximum of your heart rate.

I was pleased with the step tracking on the iWOWNfit P1. This is an area where I’ve been aggravated by other fitness trackers that either woefully underestimate or overestimate my steps. The iWOWNfit P1 was 96-97% accurate each time I walked 100 steps. If anything, it undercounts by just a tad.

The iWOWNfit P1 also surprised me by how well it tracked my sleep. It did better or just as good as both the Fitbit Blaze and Versa. The images below are from last night and I know what time I woke up and the approximate time I fell asleep. The P1 did the better job though it doesn’t distinguish REM sleep. Still, it did great.


The Built-in GPS on the iWOWNfit p1 sports watch is amazing. With no phones required, the device can track where you are, and where you’re going. You can map your routes and plan your run without having to carry your phone.

Syncing APP

The Zeroner Health Pro app did a good job for me. The maps it produced for the GPS tests were detailed. Heart rate data is displayed in a visually appealing and easily understood format with color-coded categories. Pace and stride frequency is also displayed in graphs. It’s a simple, easy to use the app and I never had an issue with syncing.


I have had the IWOWNFIT P1 a week and have not yet charged it up. It arrived fully charged and a week later it is now down to 27% and could do with a top up. I reckon it might last another couple of days of light use. There is a low power battery-saver mode, but I have not needed to use it. A week for a smartwatch battery is excellent and when you compare this to an Apple Watch’s 18 hours, it might just convince you to switch.

The IWOWNFIT P1’s built-in GPS increases battery drain and if you do a lot of running, cycling or walking with the GPS on, the battery will not last so long. However, we are talking days, not hours as would be the case with an Apple Watch. For charging, there is a short USB cable that can plug into a computer or power adapter and it attaches to the watch magnetically. It charged quickly.


The iWOWNfit P1 Sports Watch is the lowest priced sports watch that implements ECG sensors to monitor your heart rate. The heart rate monitor is very accurate and very reliable. It certainly does a lot of things and has a lot of excellent features you can use. Also, it’s a bit more comfortable than any other sports watches that I’ve tried.

Having said all these, this watch is definitely worth a try. The iWOWNfit P1 sports watch is one of the very best budget sports watch in the market. It gets the job done without burning a hole in your pocket

One of the main competitors to the iWOWNfit P1 Sports Watch is the Amazfit Bip which is priced around the same range. But if you have read so far you can see the results are quite good for the P1 smartwatch. Considering the price point and the features this watch provides, the P1 deserves to be on top of the best budget sports smartwatches out there. If you buy it I’m sure you will never regret.

Buy IWOWNFIT P1 Sports Watch For Just $56.84

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