JANOBIKE T10 PRO Review – 1200W Dual Motors Folding Electric Scooter at €845.99 From TOMTOP


Janobike is also investing in the fashion of the time, apparently launching the Janobike T10 Pro, its own electric scooter that stands out for its ease of use, portability, and autonomy – but most of all for its enormous power (1200W) and final speed at 70 km / h! The Janobike T10 Pro is suitable for use in large cities where ease of movement is required, has a power of 1200W, and has a range of up to 70 km! The maximum weight it receives is 200 kg – so it is accessible to us “older” children, while it takes 6 hours for a full charge.


One of the main advantages of this JANOBIKE T10 PRO scooter is that it has extreme resistance since it has a frame is made of stainless steel and aluminum alloy that allows a maximum load of 150kg / 330lb. It has a length of 110 cm and has a handlebar that you can adjust to your height from 80 to 120 cm, and a saddle also adjustable from 55 to 75 cm. In addition, it is foldable so you can carry it more comfortably. Easy to overcome demanding terrain is provided by 10-inch tires. Excellent in this feature compared to standard scooters. Walking over a bumpy surface makes for a more comfortable ride with suspension front and rear. Of course, the shocks are largely absorbed by the tires themselves. Proper braking is ensured by the based disc brakes EBS brake system.


The Janobike T10 Pro scooter is of course also an option wording. There is also a display on the steering wheel where you can see the current speed, range, or battery status. The braking distance stopped at the number 1.5 m. The advantage is also the USB port, thanks to which you can charge your smartphone. It has an LED front light for driving in the dark and there is also a rear brake light.

The Janobike T10 Pro 2000 W scooter reaches a speed of 70 km / h. You have to be very careful while driving like this. The more powerful Pro version offers the same maximum power, but up to 2400 W; which promotes better acceleration and better performance, especially upwards. The manufacturer boasts that the Janobike T10 scooter can pass 80 km on a single charge. It contains a battery type 18650 and charges in 3-5 hours.


In conclusion, Janobike T10 Pro is certainly the most powerful electric scooter on the market, with cutting-edge technical choices and superior performance to a low-displacement scooter, and even the PRICE is not bad, at the moment it is in fact available on TOMTOP from Germany warehouse (3-5 business days) at €845.99 (Inclusive of VAT).


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