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The JBL brand has finally introduced the sixth generation of the Flip wireless speaker. JBL FLIP 6 Speaker has become 1.5x times more powerful than its predecessor, received an updated design, as well as more serious protection against dust and moisture. We understand what this new product is capable of in practice.

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To begin with, the JBL Flip 6 offer a cylindrical design that allows you to enjoy a product with clear advantages when using it and also transporting it from one place to another. Because we must not forget that one of the main attractions is the possibility of taking this speaker from one place to another to dispute your favorite music as well as other audiovisual content. or simply podcast-type audio. The Flip 6 applies some changes to the exterior that affect the control buttons, the materials and qualities of the exterior, a variety of colors, and some additional detail regarding the control buttons, the size of the JBL logo, etc.

And if you’re wondering, it’s available in nine different colors, Available black, dark blue, grey, light blue, or red, the cylindrical-looking Flip 6 measures 178 x 68 x 72mm with a weight of 550 grams. In addition, in general, it is a comfortable proposal to use on a day-to-day basis and in all kinds of situations thanks to details such as its generously sized control buttons that make it easy to identify without having to look. In addition to guessing where they are located quickly.


On tracks with intense sub-bass content, the Flip 6 delivers powerful low-frequency depth. At maximum volume levels, the bass is not distorted, although digital signal processing (DSP) dilutes the bass considerably. At more moderate levels, the speaker is still loud with robust bass. However, subwoofer-like bass isn’t a reasonable expectation for the size or price of this speaker, which excels in lows and mids, but not in a thump. Having a tweeter, woofer, and radiator in such a small package is a double-edged sword. Each of these components does a great job of managing their respective frequency ranges, but it can be too much for a small speaker to adequately handle.


The Flip 6 uses the JBL Portable app (iOS and Android), formerly “JBL Connect”, to provide access to firmware updates and a user guide. In addition, here you can activate or deactivate the answer tones produced by the speaker. Within the app, you can also activate PartyBoost and stereo playback instead of using the dedicated button. Please note that stereo mode only works with two JBL speakers of the same generation.


While the previous model only offers protection against water equivalent to an IPX7 certification, the Flip 6 has IP67 protection, so it is not only resistant to water, but also to dust. Both models can be used both indoors and outdoors and can even survive a short immersion of one meter deep in freshwater for 30 minutes.


The other change associated with these new speakers is related to the quality of the components and the use of the PartyBoost function that injects extra power when playing music to further animate your parties alone or with friends. Although we are talking about a portable speaker, the IP67 certification provides protection against water and dust plus a battery that offers 12 hours of playback and Slofie more striking for the daily user experience.


If you want a solid and reliable speaker for parties or adventures, the JBL Flip 6 is a great option. The improved resistance to water and dust thanks to its IP67 rating is certainly welcome, and this Bluetooth speaker doesn’t discount anything that made the Flip 5 such a success.

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