JIAQI S500 Drone Review: a GPS Brushless Quadcopter with 5G Wi-Fi 1080P Camera For Just $167.86 at Gearbest (+Coupon)


Looking for a quadrocopter with a long flight time? Take a closer look at the JIAQI S500 GPS Brushless Quadcopter, which can fly continuously for more than 20 minutes. The drone has a GNN-7.4V; 2500mAh battery, which is enough for this quadrocopter to fly for more than 20 minutes. Also, the drone has good brushless motors, 5G Wi-Fi high-speed transmission, GPS positioning, and a 1080P camera.

Buy JIAQI S500 GPS Brushless Quadcopter at $167.86


The JIAQI S500 GPS Brushless Quadcopter is a compact quadcopter ( 36.00 x 36.00 x 10.60 cm / 14.17 x 14.17 x 4.17 inches ) and low weight about 0.4500 kg. It is built in the classic ABS-Type Plastic, The design of the JIAQI S500 is minimalistic with smooth lines. Build quality is good, the body is hard and looks reliable. The landing legs are of very interesting shape. Instead of the usual location under the engines, they seem to continue them and smoothly turn into legs. This design approach makes it more cumbersome.

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Its built-in 1080P WiFi camera will let you take pictures in HD quality. It can transmit 720P HD video in real time and you can record with your smartphones or tablets. It’s 120-degree wide angle camera and you can adjust your camera lens between 0 to 90 degree to take photos more accurately in different angles. Its HD WiFi camera will give you amazing performance with the powerful wifi and controlling support. JIAQI S500 GPS Brushless Quadcopter has come with a powerful and strong network connectivity system. You can control it via its remote controller or with its app. It’s a 5 GHz Wifi enabled quadcopter and you can control it from 500 meters / mobile phone 150 meters distance. Its controlling distance is just incredible and it ensures you more exciting flight experience. Its advanced network connection system with 2.4 GH controlling frequency and long distance controlling support will amuse you certainly.


The JIAQI S500 GPS Brushless Quadcopter is perfect for beginners who want to approach the world of drones at a reduced cost, strong simplicity of use and guaranteed fun. You can buy it from Gearbest at $167.86 by using Coupon Code: IBXPXH192H

Buy JIAQI S500 GPS Brushless Quadcopter at $167.86


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