JIMMY F6 Review – 1800W ion Hair Dryer at $139.99 From Geekbuying (Coupon)


Make your daily hair care even more comfortable and give it a radiant look with the Xiaomi JIMMY F6 hairdryer. The Xiaomi JIMMY F6 hairdryer is from the famous Jimmy brand, which is part of the Xiaomi ecosystem. It is equipped with an efficient turbo engine with digital control and can dry hair very quickly without damaging it through the use of negative ionization technology. And several drying modes and temperature settings allow you to choose the best care option for you.


The JIMMY F6 hairdryer, presented in two elegant colors (red and purple), has a comfortable design, thoughtful shape, making it pleasant and comfortable to hold in your hand. It offers an ergonomic, stylish and luxurious design, despite its small size. It is easy to grip, to carry in the bag. As regards technical data, this nice hairdryer will offer your hair softness, shiness, and especially health. The JIMMY F6 hair dryer comes with three magnetic attachments:

  1. The smoothing nozzle promotes a light flow of air. It is used to dry hair in the direction of styling.
  2. The styling nozzle with a wide, slim design creates a powerful stream of air to style your hair.
  3. The diffuser allows the airflow to evenly “transport” negative ions and water ions to the surface of the hair, so you can create a stylish “wavy” hairstyle.

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The stylish JIMMY F6 hairdryer uses Panasonic’s Nanoi technology, the essence of which is to nourish the hair with moisture drawn from the air. This approach allows you to create additional hair volume, and reduce the likelihood of damage to the roots and ends of the hair during brushing. To lose less moisture and avoid drying out your hair, you can use the Quick Dry Attachment. It provides a dual stream of air and speeds up the process of removing excess moisture from the hair. The JIMMY F6 features a negative ion generator with an impressive performance of up to 10 million units/cm per second. By covering the surface of the hair, negative ions neutralize the positive charge, and the hair becomes smoother, more stylish, and looks graceful.

JIMMY F6 has 3 working modes. Cold drying mode, allows you to maintain the strength of the hair. Heated air mode, suitable for drying hair. Combined mode with an alternating circulation of heated and cold air allows you to dry your hair and do styling. Depending on your hair type and personal preference, you can select the appropriate temperature setting.

So for quick styling, a mode of air heating up to 95 ° C is suitable, for regular hair drying, you can use a mode with a heating temperature of 75 ° C, and for more gentle hair drying, it is better to use a mode with a heating temperature of up to 55 ° C. In order to ensure the minimum noise level during the operation of the JIMMY F6 hairdryer, it uses noise suppression technology, which suppresses the resonance of the 17-blade turbofan, and only the sound of the airflow remains audible.


For all its power, the Xiaomi JIMMY F6 runs very quietly. The noise reduction technology used in it allows reducing considerably the noise created by the hairdryer engine. Leaving only the sound of the airflow. Therefore, going to work in the morning or preparing for a party, you will not disturb others. We can buy it from Geekbuying at $139.99 by using discount Coupon: JIMMYF6ES and ship from PL warehouse.


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