JJRC X12 Drone Review: A 5G WiFi 4K HD Camera Brushless RC Drone 3-Axis Stabilized Gimbal 12MP 25mins Flight Time


Taking an initial look at the JJRC X12 Drone, It mixes the cool foldable design of the Mavic Air and the features of the DJI Spark. The name is also similar to that of the model that inspired it. We are obviously talking about the JJRC X11 a few months ago. This JJRC X12 takes up many of the features of the X11 but is not completely equal.

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Then the drone must have the GPS, cross, and delight, which allows you to fly without worries and get the drone back on the ground with a simple press of the RTH button. And this X12 does not disappoint, it is equipped with GPS but not only! On the belly, in fact, the optical position sensor, often called Optical Flow, or VPU, collides. It comes into play when the GPS is disabled or unavailable, trying to keep the drone still using a lower chamber that frames the ground and sonar that continuously checks for the presence of lower obstacles. Very useful for indoor shooting.

The 1080P anti-shake camera features 5G WiFi real-time image transmission, remote angle adjustment, and digital zoom. Thanks to the GPS assisted fail-safe return to home feature, the JJRC X12 will autonomously return to the take-off point if the flight battery is near empty or communication is lost with the RC. Like the Spark, the X12 AURORA from JJRC also features intelligent flight modes (follow me & circle hovering). Furthermore, it has a beginner-friendly Geo-fence flight space limitation.

The JJRC X12 Drone is a brushless motor, which means that the motors are very durable, resistant and performing. Definitely the best choice, at least on drones with sufficiently large batteries. Precisely on this aspect, JJRC X12 offers a 2-cell lipo battery 3400mAh that guarantees over 20 minutes of autonomy.

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Buy JJRC X12 Drone from TOMTOP


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