JJRC X7P Drone Review: A GPS 5G WiFi 4K Two-axis Gimbal Brushless FPV RC Drone RTF


Looking for a quadcopter with a long flight time? Take a closer look at the JJRC X7P, which can fly continuously for over 20 minutes. The drone has a LiPo 2s/2600mAh battery installed, which is enough for this quadcopter to fly for more than 20 minutes. Also, the drone has good brushless engines, GPS positioning system, and HD camera. All this is $150. This year, many expensive quadcopters with impressive flight time have been announced, but increasing the battery is not always a good solution.

Buy JJRC X7P Drone at $229.99

JJRC say their new JJRC X7P quadcopter can fly up to 23 minutes and this is the best result in this price segment of drones. But if you read the review on MJX Bugs 2SE, you will realize that the stated time does not always coincide with the results of real tests.

As you can see in the photo below, the landing legs are of very interesting shape. Instead of the usual arrangement under the engines, they seem to continue and smoothly turn into legs. This design approach makes it more cumbersome. The JJRC X7P is 28 centimeters away from the motor and weighs 399 grams, including the battery. Propellers and beams are marked like DJI drones and even look like them from above. The battery is inserted into the drone from the back of the case, and the power switch is located on the battery compartment.

If you believe the manufacturer, a fully charged LiPo battery will allow you to fly on the drone up to 23 minutes, but here the battery is charged for an entire eternity, about 3 hours. On the right side of the JJRC X7P quadcopter is a micro-USB port. I tried to connect the drone to the computer with a USB cable and the computer defined it as a COM port. This is the hope that X7P will be able to update the firmware and configure it.

During the evening flights you will be able to orientate yourself to the 4 LED lights under each beam. The front LEDs are red and the rear LEDs are green. I think they needed to change their colors. Personally, I think the remote control is bulky. For such sizes, it does not even have a screen to display the status and other telemetry data, such as altitude, flight time, GPS coordinates, etc. The JJRC X7P Drone is currently available on Gearbest for just  $229.99 to use coupon: JJRCX7PGPS

Buy JJRC X7P Drone at $229.99

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