Join CHUWI Influencer Program and Get a 6% Competitive Commission on Each Order


Chuwi is an international company driving the budget laptop, tablet, and mini-computer revolution for people around the world since 2004. Chuwi looking for influencers who have a significant Social media following to help us to send brand messages. Influencers across any category can participate in this program. Currently, you must have a YouTube, Instagram, Tiktok, Blog, or Facebook account to qualify. We want you to be able to talk about the features of our products clearly and help those who do not know us yet as much as you to understand our products and brand well.

Chuwi actively seeking outdoor, ecological, creative, and enterprising partners to join our affiliate program. CHUWI Influencer program is free and enables members to earn revenue by placing a link or links on their website or social media channels that advertise CHUWI products. Any sales made to customers who have clicked on those links will earn the affiliate commission. The standard commission rate is currently 6%.

CHUWI Influencer Program

To be qualified, You must know the ins and outs of computer technology. Graphics cards, processors, desktops, laptops, and the expanding PC gaming world. A clear understanding and expertise of the industry is the key so your audience can fully understand what you are saying,- even if they are new to this industry.


  • Significant experience with processors, graphics cards, gaming laptops, prebuilt desktops, and the vast world of PC gaming peripherals, etc.
  • Broad knowledge of and interest in the computing industry
  • Should have a knack for problem-solving
  • Some experience with DIY and basic command of the English language is a plus
  • Willingness to travel for events, meetings, and trade shows once they return


  • Work in close conjunction with the writers, editors, and video producers to provide them with the testing results, relevant suggestions, and more
  • Keep our most important PC hardware content up to date
  • Fact-check articles and video scripts
  • Deliver high-quality content that is factually and editorially accurate.
  • Must follow deadlines.

Showing your day-to-day activities through our products such as doing work, editing videos, playing games, and using the software would help your followers understand their product better and find the products to fit their budgets.


  • How to Start?
    First, join our affiliate program. It is 100% free. Once you get approved, you will get access to banners and links to use on your website. Every time a customer that you refer purchases from us, you will receive a payout from us. The more you sell, the more earn from each sale!
  • How Are Referrals Tracked?
    Nectar partnered with ShareASale affiliate network to handle our affiliate program’s tracking, reporting, and affiliate payments. Once you’ve joined, you’ll be able to login into your ShareASale affiliate account and check your performance and earnings there. It is also on ShareASale that you will be able to access our promos, text links, banners, and other helpful resources.
  • What Works Best?
    Our most successful affiliate partners write product reviews and other unique content to help promote and advertise CHUWI online.
  • Is Product “Sampling” Available?
    We are always looking for fresh voices to review our product. If your online efforts cater to the audience(s) who may be interested in our product, do contact us with details. We are always open to providing online influencers with free sample for review of their experiences in front of their audiences.
  • Is Product “Sampling” Available?

Chuwi will offer content creators Free product samples for content production. Also, content creators participating in the CHUWI Influencer Program earn affiliate commissions from Shareasale for qualifying purchases.

For more details of the collaboration, please feel free to contact at the following email address:


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