JR/C Q51B 1:12 RC Car Off-road Truck Review: A 6WD Military Truck with Headlight in $39.99 (220 units limited)


Here is a JJR/C Q51B 1:12 RC Car Off-road Truck vehicle. This vehicle can drive forward and in reverse, steer left and right, the high caliber of the vehicle empowers you to keep running on both street and shallow water. Please, take it for your children.

JJR/C Q51B Rc Truck Price: $39.99


The design is setup is perfect, it comes in yellow shades, the toy has the graph as same as open in our dependably lives. it has the careful coin system which appears if you use the coin in the toy. it will in general be adequately constrained by the remote which urges you to play extra and whatever you are doing it will in general be overseen by attainably. Helical spring with high adaptability for each wheel, which has a stunning damping effect and an all the additionally immovable drive. could build up a metal motor segment .it is point by point plan, and easy to alter the opening between two contraptions; The motor segment type, dodge sand damage to the motor. The headlights are cool. There are a couple of bursting modes by working the remote control. The center track lines give you quality on cleared surfaces while the diverts considerable sidewall teeth handle any sort of soil, mud, reject, leaves, etc.


It comes with  Full Function Forward, Backward,Turn Left, Turn Right; 2.4G 6WD; Headlight; Great diversion for vanquish any streets. JJR/C Q51B 1:12 RC Car Off-road Truck has 2.4GHz transmitter, you’ll never get any radio obstruction with this electric vehicle. It is prepared to race. The Full Wheels Driving, solid and amazing, can offer 5-7km/h greatest speed; Can over the land, sandy shoreline, wetlands, prairies and shallow water effectively. The Natural ABS plastic, non-lethal and dull. If Any issue, it would be ideal if you contact our store decisively.


JJR/C Q51B 1:12 RC Car Off-road Truck is genuinely mammoth crawler vehicle for outside and inside play, it will in general be successfully compelled by the remote control which has two option of the quick model and children’s model. It has mind blowing features with stunning structure. buy this from Tomtop with $39.99

(220 units limited)

JJR/C Q51B Rc Truck Price: $39.99


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