Juhor DDR4 8GB RAM Review – 3000Mhz Desktop Memory With RGB Glowing For Just $47.99 at Geekbuying (Coupon)


The high-quality Juhor DDR4 8GB memory with RGB light strip is specially designed for desktop PCs, with an increase in bandwidth and improvement on frequency, which starts at its physical attractiveness, and loyal to the performance.

Buy Juhor DDR4 8GB 3000Mhz Desktop Memory From Geekbuying


The memory bank integrates the high-density modules that are suitable for multiple systems, and widely compatible with various brands of desktop PCs. The original storage particles are strictly tested to ensure its stable compatibility and normal use. The RGB lighting elements provide the memory with more colorful light effects, which makes the memory bank cool and stylish, and the high-quality case is durable and resistant to corrosion.

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This Juhor DDR4 8GB memory RAM features 3000MHz or 2666MHz working frequency, with an increase in bandwidth and improvement on the frequency and also working efficiency. The low voltage 1.35V or 1.2V conforms to the low voltage standard, which ensures the high frequency and performance, while limits the working voltage to 1.35V or 1.2V, to reduce the power consumption and the heat, so as to extend the service life and improve its stability. Increased operation speed, fast game loading, upgraded transmission rate and improved downloading speed, lower latency. With improved software rate, for office design, games, shopping, etc., and for excellent multitasking capabilities, to meet your various demands.


Juhor DDR4 8GB memory Give your computer a new life when you have run out of RAM and the computer kept freezing up, make sure your computer supports 8GB RAM per slot. We can buy it from Geekbuying for Just $47.99 by using Coupon Code: 43XGBMSN in Flash Sale…

Buy Juhor DDR4 8GB 3000Mhz Desktop Memory From Geekbuying


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