Kabaddi World Cup 2020


World kabaddi cup 2020 will start on 9 February 2020 and lasts until 16th February 2020 in Pakistan. Earlier World Cups in Kabaddi was held from January 12 to 19th. They had to change the dates because of the cold weather in Punjab.

This is the First time the World Cup in Kabaddi gets held outside India. Six times earlier have India hosted the Kabaddi World Cup and they won all 6 times. All the matches will take place in Lahore, Gujrat, and Faisalabad in Pakistan.

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Format, Match Schedule, and Teams Participating

This is the World Cup in Circle Kabaddi so the format used in this WC is, of course, Circle Style. This is one out of two formats used in Kabaddi. The other format played in Kabaddi is called Standard style and will be hosted later this year in Dubai.

The remarkable difference between Circle and Standard Style Kabaddi is that Circle are being played with 8 persons outside while Standard is being played with 7 people indoors.

In this year’s version of Circle Style Kabaddi, 9 teams will be participating from across the globe and they are listed in the table below;

Group A Group B
India Pakistan
Germany Canada
England Australia
Iran Azerbaijan
Sierra Leone



Feb 9
Pakistan vs Canada
Iran vs Sierra Leone

Feb 10
India vs Germany
Azerbaijan vs Kenya

Feb 10
Iran vs England
Australia vs Canada

Feb 11
Australia vs Azerbaijan
England vs Germany
Sierra Leone vs India
Pakistan vs Kenya

Feb 12
Azerbaijan vs Canada
Iran vs Germany
Sierra Leone vs England
Pakistan vs Australia

Feb 13
Canada vs Kenya
Pakistan vs Azerbaijan
Iran vs India
Sierra Leone vs Germany

Feb 14
Australia vs Kenya
India vs England

Feb 15
First semi-final (Pool A winners vs Pool B runners-up)
Second semi-final (Pool B winners vs Pool A runners-up)

Feb 16
3-4 Position match
Grand Final at Lahore.

If you never seen Kabaddi or don’t know what Circle Kabaddi is you can take a look at this youtube video to get some understanding of the game.


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