Kai Deng K100 EQUATOR Foldable Drone APP Control Quadcopter Design, Features Review (Coupon Inside)


Recently, the RC aircraft market is really active, many new arrivals have been launched constantly, and Kai Deng K100 is one of them which will be released soon. Ready-to-fly, headless mode, and one-key-to-return make this copter extremely easy and convenient to control. Kai Deng K100 is suitable for all players.


The K100 has a very stylish look and is available in black and Green colors though, you know, the most important is the content, not the exterior design. Novel and unique appearance with foldable arms, it will give you a special look. A wonderful gift! KAI DENG K100 is 140 * 130 * 40mm (unfolded) 80 * 65 * 40mm (folded) suitable to fly both indoor and outdoor, providing the 40 meters of control range and the 6 minutes of play time seems a little bit futuristic because the drone is powered with a small capacity 3.7V 380mAh Li-Po battery. For better orientation during the night flights, the KAI DENG K100 is equipped with colorful LED lights, one under each arm of the drone and one in the front of it.


Kai Deng K100 with an advanced barometer to perform altitude hold and create more stable flights and higher quality aerial shots. One key to return function makes it easily get back to where it starts and reduces the pressure of flying. You can fly the drone easily without knowing the direction. With 0.3MP Camera can take photos and videos. The unique remote control function of APP, need enables the users to experience the new fun of flying. To fly your drone even without the transmitter. One Key return function makes it easily find the way home. One-key taking off/landing makes the operation more convenient and it is very suitable for novice operation. 0.3MP camera can capture and record every beautiful and unforgettable moment. Wifi control to realize real-time transmission for live video by pairing the mobile app to the drone wifi. Mobile phones with IOS or Android system are available. Headless mode completely solving pilot loss-of-orientation problem. Intelligent altitude hold can precisely hold the quadcopter at any height desired; 6 axis gyro for more stable flight.


Kai Deng K100 is listed with a pricing of $35.99 on RCMOMENT. Its price can be further reduced to $30.99 by using a coupon code of KDK100.


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