Keysfan July Sale: Windows 10 from $6.15, Office 2021 from $13.73. Limited time!


Microsoft today released the Windows 10 Build 19044.1862 (KB5015878) update to the Windows 10 Release Channel, which adds the ability to receive emergency notifications when Focus Assistant is turned on and restores Windows Autopilot deployment scenarios that were affected by hardware reuse security mitigations. This update removes the self-deployment mode (SDM) and provisioning (PP) one-time-use restrictions. This update also re-enables any User Principal Name (UPN) display in User Driven Mode (UDM) deployments for approved manufacturers. Also includes improvements in input output operations per second (IOPS) performance, improved reliability of button resets after OS upgrades and more.

If you are still using an earlier version of Windows, many supports and updates are not available. Now is the perfect time to upgrade your Windows OS. At Keysfan, all Windows OS up to 50% off! This means that you can buy a genuine and cheap Windows 10 Pro for less than $10! Windows 10 Pro is only $7.59! If you buy more and you will save more, Windows 10 Pro as low as $6.15!

Up to 50% off on Windows OS (Coupon Code: KZS50)

Now, you can buy the latest Office 2021 Professional for only $27.67! Considering the different needs of users, Keysfan also specially launched different numbers of Office 2021 combinations, such as the most cost-effective 5PCs combination, each Office 2021 license as low as $13.73! There are also bundles of Office 2021 and Windows OS, up to 62% off! You can share it with your friends or family!

Up to 62% off on Office 2021& Bundles (Coupon code: KZS62)

Keysfan is 100% authentic, so you won’t run the risk of buying pirated copies. The licenses you buy from Keysfan are not subject to subscription restrictions, so Keysfan licenses are “lifetime” and you have unlimited access: the operating system will be updated and supported during its lifetime. During the installation and use process, users can contact the Keysfan technical support team if they have any questions, 24/7 online (contact email:, Keysfan provides lifetime after-sales service, that is to say, if you use the software have any questions, please feel free to contact Keysfan.

The shopping process is convenient and fast. Just put the selected product into the shopping cart and fill in the corresponding discount code. The system will automatically calculate the discounted price for you, and then fill in your email address, after successful payment, and instant delivery, Keysfan will send the activation key, order information, and installation details to your email, so that you can avoid the trouble of waiting for logistics, from purchase to use, The whole process won’t take you much time!

If you want to learn more about Keysfan, you can not only visit Keysfan’s website via the link above but also check out more real reviews from users in Trustpilot.


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