Kingjoy PPL-06S Video Car Slider Skater Design, Features Review (Coupon Inside)


The Kingjoy PPL-06S is a compact video drive with built-in drive designed for use with cameras and camcorders. The PPL-06S allows you to capture smooth, rainy scenes and panning. Kingjoy’s offering has added a new accessory for filmmakers. This is a dolly trolley marked with the symbol PPL-06S. It allows you to capture liquid raid scenes. Filtration facilitates the built-in motor.


The Kingjoy PPL-06S is a compact video drive with an integrated drive that can attract both hobbyists and some advanced movie enthusiasts. It is made of durable, yet lightweight aluminum alloy, Heavy duty aluminum alloy body, can carry up to 4kg/8.8Lbs load so it should be great to work in the field or even on the road. The wheels are equipped with rubber-free anti-skid dampers to reduce the quality of smooth motion recording. Upgraded pocket size 3-wheel auto dolly, 5 speeds adjustable, 4mm/s(default), 7mm/s, 11mm/s, 17mm/s, 24mm/s. The Kingjoy PPL-06S Comes with an angle adjustable ball head with 1/4″ screw and a with 1/4″ & 3/8″ convertible connector. An ideal helper for GoPro 5/4/3+/3 & etc action camera, smartphone, camera, DV & etc video making.


The movable axle on which one wheel is mounted and the rail, allowing for the distance between the axles of the device, make it possible to make a straight or arc run. Precise adjustment and reproduction of the turn radius are made possible by the scales plotted on the trolley board. The front wheel is 180° rotary, so the dolly can move in straight line/circle route and opposite direction. Use low noise motor, 60DB, ensure a quiet shooting environment. The engine and battery tray are built into the truck drive axle. The drive switch is located on the cartridge cover so it is easily accessible. The PPL-06S is Powered by 14430 battery, can work for 1h at max. load, 10hrs for smartphone; USB rechargeable.


Kingjoy PPL-06S upgraded auto dolly can move in straight line/circle route. 5 speeds adjustable, support move to opposite direction. It can carry max. 4kg load and work for 1-10h at different loads. USB rechargeable. It is designed for professional video making with a smartphone, action camera DSLR/ILDC camera, DV & etc. You can buy From Tomtop at $55.49 using $7 off coupon code: LQP7KPP


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