KINGWEAR KC05 4G LTE Smart Watch Phone Offered for €97.98(Flash Deal)


KingWear is known for the production of quality Smartwatch Phones. The KingWear KCO5 is one of its numerous product that offers you great features with little cash. This smartwatch is a SIM featured watch, capable of receiving calls and messages without the need of a smartphone. The KINGWEAR KC05 Smart Watch Cell Phone supports GPS map tracking which helps you locate and determine the correct direction, satellite positioning, with Voice assistant.

With an affordable price, you can purchase these beautiful smartwatches in the Android operating system with a great opportunity for applications and various functions. The KingWear KC05 smartwatch is new on the market, but it is not inferior to the competition in features. The KingWear KC05 is equipped with a slot for the Nano SIM and supports 4G communication format. Inside: 1.39-inch IPS display with a resolution of 400 * 400 pixels, MediaTek MTK6739 processor, 1 GB of RAM and 16 GB of built-in flash memory. The smartwatch also includes 802.11 Wi-Fi and GPS/GLONASS modules, an accelerometer and a heart rate sensor with blood pressure measurement support. Controls the new Android 6.0 OS. Battery capacity is 620 mAh. It is enough for two days of work in the middle mode.

In terms of operating system, KC05 is equipped with the Android 7.1 which distinguishes the watch from other devices other than Android, such as Chinese watches. The latter focus on delivering notifications from the phone to the clock, giving you the option of having an Android app store where you can install anything you can run on this small device.

When the Bluetooth connection is active, we can control the music player on the smartphone. With the watch, we can pause or change songs and control the volume of the music. The smartwatch uses the Fun Do app. It’s a sports app. During the day, the program will record your driving distance, speed, calories burned, etc. E. Then create your exclusive sports report. They can set up the clock, download new dials and replace them if necessary. After all, the KingWear KC05 smartwatch gives you the option to set up a Bluetooth call function if you don’t want to connect your SIM card to the smartwatch. However, you can answer SMS or phone calls both on the phone and on the watch. The KINGWEAR KC05 4G LTE Smart Watch Phone is currently available on Cafago for 97.98 and this amazing price would expire on June 30th Duty-Free.  



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