Kingwear KR04 Review: Smart Bracelet with Bluetooth Headset For Just $54.99 at Gearbest


KingWear KR04 – a unique 2 in the 1 gadget, First, it is a bracelet that allows you to monitor all the basic fitness functions, such as a pedometer, heart rate monitoring, calories spent per day, sleep monitoring. Secondly, this is a real Bluetooth headset. All that is needed is to press a button on the bracelet, the Bluetooth headset will disconnect from the bracelet. You can insert a Bluetooth headset into your ear and talk to the other person.

Buy KingWear KR04 Smart Bracelet at $54.99


The smartband Kingwear KR04 has a 0.96” inch display and with resolution 80 x 160. It has a sharp, clear color display with the touch-button key method of operation. The screen is also unique having a stylish design, slightly 3D curve screen. KingWear KR04 Smart Bracelet weighing 250 grams and with 63.2 x 24.3 x 14 mm body, the smartband has that typical smartband look. An aluminum frame and a sporty silicone strap. To use it as an earphone, the body is removable and it pops-up exposing the body that works as an earphone. The band has a small push button that locks and unlock the body of the Kingwear KR04 smartband. It has an IP68 waterproof and dustproof rating available in black and silver colors.

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The KingWear KR04 is powered by NRF52832 processor + CSR8610 with 512 of ROM and with 64 KB of RAM. Its Bluetooth connectivity is 4.0 for the band and 3.0 for its earphone mode. Despite having an earphone feature, the band has a heart rate monitor, blood pressure monitor as well as blood oxygen monitor. It is compatible with Android 4.4 and above or iO 9.0 and above. The Kingwear KR04 smartband has 100 mAh Lithium Polymer battery with several days of standby time. Regarding the HR monitor, it has real-time monitoring, it has an option for the details of your heart rate on the support app such as meditation, warm-up, intensive workout or anaerobic extreme. It also loaded with pedometer, calorie and distance counter, Additional health features included are sedentary alert, as well as sleep monitoring. There is call and message notifications, as well as social app notifications and can also work as Bluetooth earphone. Extra functions included are a stopwatch, alarm, remote camera, anti-lost, and other useful functions.


Buy KingWear KR04 Smart Bracelet at $54.99

The KingWear KR04 multifunctional fitness tracker will help you control your physical activity and distribute your workouts rationally. We can buy it from Gearbest at $54.99 in Flash Sale


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