KIPOZI Hair Dryer Brush and Volumizer Review – Buy From Amazon at $17.23 with Coupon


with a professional KIPOZI Hair Dryer Brush and Volumizer One Step Blow Dryer, designed to deliver gorgeous volume and impeccable shine in a single step. Combine with a hairdryer, flat iron, straightener comb, and curling iron, a multifunction KIPOZI blow dryer brush makes the styling process easy. Natural and puffy look effect.


KIPOZI Hair Dryer Brush and Volumizer have Compacter shape, lighter weight than others, The curved handle, and cool tip are both designed for maximum comfort and ease of use during styling, drying as well. The lightweight design and soft-touch finish provide a relaxed grip. The smaller size and lighter weight conform to an applicable hair dryer brush. The oval brush head expands the air outlet area, help dry and curling easier, especially for thick hair. Compared with another hot airbrush, the slim handle and one-handed operation make every hairstyle finish effortless. The rotatable cable with a hook helps convenience store. Please note that it only works for US plug (110V).

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KIPOZI Hair Dryer Brush and Volumizer come with 3 levels of adjustable negative ion hot air blow. Suitable for all kinds of hair with extra caring. Much more drying efficient than regular blow dryers. The secure and powerful system along with a strong airflow will leave your hair silky smooth, with no dampness. even heat distribution and consistent results for all hair types. Cut drying time in half. Low has high wind speed, low temperature, suitable for lock hairstyle in place. The middle has low wind speed, medium temperature, used for short thin hair. High has high wind speed, high temperature for long thick hair.

KIPOZI Hair Dryer Brush and Volumizer attached with unique cleaning claw, get the hair out of brush effortlessly. Then you could wipe with a towel to keep the blow dryer brush bright look. Hair dyer brush with 12 groups of 36 vents are regularly arranged, reduce the size of water droplets for fast drying, make constant airflow, uniform and efficient air output. Unlike oval cool tips, we design them to a ”flower” shape. Not only for effective anti-scalding but also for a better comfortable grip during styling.


KIPOZI Hair Dryer Brush and Volumizer is a perfect combination, curler brush, straightener, and hairbrush for blow-drying and hairstyling. Perfect for dry as well as wet hair and all hair types. Much more drying efficient than traditional blow dryers, saving your time! You can buy it from Amazon at $17.23 by using Coupon Code: 6HJ65RL6 until 03/05/2021


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