KKMOON Ultra Slim 3′ 1080p Car Dash Cam DVR Review, Best Xiaoyi Car DVR Killer at $16.99


Today we at iGeekPhone have the pleasure to unbox the KKMOON Ultra Slim 1080p Car Dash Cam DVR that we received from TomTop. This is an extremely cost effective dash cam with great potential. It features a Full HD 1080p 3.0 Inch LCD Display along with a wide angle 170 degrees lens which will be able to capture nearly everything that is happening around the front of your car. It is supposed to capture 1080p video as well as 12mp stills, however based on our search on youtube there seems to be a small problem with the video frame rate. We will address these possible issues when we release our full review and sample videos taken by this dashcam. As it is standard now-a-days with most car dvr dashcams, the KKmoon Ultra Slim 1080p dvr supports; loop recording, meaning it will automatically overwrite the oldest footage on the dvr once the memory card becomes full; a built in G-Sensor which will automatically lock the most recent video file whenever significant shock or motion is detected; and lastly it has a built in IR LED to assist the dvr capturing videos at night. It records in Mpeg4 AVI with audio supplied by the built in microphone and records to Transflash / MicroSD memory card. It is our experience that these type of budget DVRs only up to 32gb memory cards. Should the unforeseen happen, playback of the recorded footage can be done directly on the dvr via its 3.0 inch 1080p LCD Screen or it can also be played back externally via the available HDMI output port found on the same side as the MicroUSB and Memory card Ports.

Included accessories with the KKMOON Ultra Slim 1080p Car DVR are an extremely long micro USB car power cable (500mA), a standard microUSB cable, a windshield suction mount and lastly a thorough manual in English and Chinese. As most budget car DVRs come with adhesive mounts we are quite surprised that a quality looking suction mount is included with the KKMOON.

Thank you for joining us during our first look at the KKMoon Ultra Slim 1080p Car Dash Cam DVR featured at Tomtop. It costs 16.99usd now after using this exclusive $2 coupon code: LQPK42 . Please stay tuned as we will be testing it out over the following days and we will be reporting back with sample footage, as well as our overall impressions of this extremely affordable car dvr.


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