KKtick G3+ Waterproof Smartwatch with Rotatable Bezel Design, Features Review (Coupon Included)


No.1 continues its tradition of releasing cool smart watches. This time, the new KKtick G3+ adopts the rotary dial that Samsung introduced in its own smartwatch (and formerly introduced by Apple in iPod). It is yet unknown when it will be officially out, but considering the fact that it is ready, it won’t take long.Unfortunately, the No1 G3+ doesn’t have full Android installed as previous models had. This is not a bad thing though. Full Android is super, but considering the weak specs and battery these devices carry, it is a bit overwhelming. To cope with that problem, the company has developed its own OS and it looks good. The user interface is adjusted to work with the rotary dial as well as with touch input.


Finally after months of waiting, KKtick G3+ releases an upgrade of the popular G3 smartwatch. The KKtick G3+, if you are not familiar, is the first smartwatch that physically looks like the Samsung Gear S2, its UI, its physical look is almost similar to Gear S2 except to its bezel, No.1 wasn’t able to make it as a rotating bezel. Well, this time KKtick G3+ finally added a rotating bezel to the KKtick G3+ mode, yes it has one that is pretty similar to the Gear S2 or S3.Still looking for the G3, the smartwatch has a 1.3′ inch screen, a 240 x 240-pixel resolution. It looks sleek and sport with its stainless steel body and its TPU strap with stainless steel buckle we are going to take a look at the body size, they only have few minor differences, with the KKtick G3+ having a much thinner body.The KKtick G3+ smartwatch is available in light silver and deep gun black with different watch faces preloaded already in the KKtick G3+.


As for its features, it is able to work with both iOS and Android devices to deliver push notifications for calls, messages as well as notifications from social networks. Also, it has the ability to monitor your sleep, your heart rate as well as your steps. It is water resistant to everyday activities and will also notify you in case you forget it. In addition, it will remind you to sit up and take a break from your desk at work.KKtick G3+ claims that it features sapphire crystal on the front and that the body is made of stainless steel.KKtick G3+ Plus have a Rotatable bezel, just rotate the bezel, can be simple manipulation of the AS2.to rotate the menus,listen music,to adjust the volume,option to flip up and downturn gently, make your life better.using 216L stainless steel with one forging forming, each piece of the body has been up to 4 hours of fine grinding, this metal craft can convey a more delicate and elegant temperament.KKtick G3+ plus which have pixArt second-generation heart rate 8002 chip
(compare to the first generation, the motion precision increase two times monitoring and promoting heart rate at any moment, have a better understanding about health sports pedometer according to the situation of the heart rate.


Wechat, WhatsApp, messages, calls a synchronous push, do not miss any information.watch connect via Bluetooth, when the phone far away from a watch, the watch will automatic reming.and watch and mobile phone can find each other, you can master the position of your machine at any time, listen to high-frequency music at any time.


sleep monitoring, sedentary reminder, intelligent alarm and message notifications and much more make a life beautify with KKtick G3+ smartwatch.The KKtick G3+ smartwatch can provide information on distance traveled, sleep quality, can connect via smartphone to social networks and more.U can buy it from ZAPALS after use coupon code: kkwi080701  the price will be $49.76 with shipping fee. If you are looking smartwatch, you can check this out. By the way, just sign in to use coupon.


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