Knight Truck Review – App Remote Control Block Toy Car For Just $69.99 at Gearbest in Flash Sale


Knight Truck Jeep Racing Car designed for 8+ kids, the aim is to train the children’s hands and thinking. Particle building cultivates spatial imagination, and programming gamification guides the cultivation of logical thinking. The app allows children to be exposed to programming thinking in their hobbies, and building blocks to cultivate practical skills. Interest is the best teacher for children.

Buy Knight Truck App Remote Control Block Toy Car at $69.99


The Knight Truck Jeep Racing Car body structure is carefully designed to be stable, off-road, racing, obstacle avoidance, and even collision. Compatible with a variety of changing shapes, five-in-one toy, 528+ tablets of particles, each particle restores the Lego feel to the maximum and is compatible with official Lego particles intimate programming guidance, play games to guide children to get started easily and cultivate logical thinking. Knight Truck Jeep Racing RC Car Made of environmentally friendly material, it’s not harmful to kid’s health and environment, just enjoy the fun without concerns.

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More sensor programming expansion packages and speed and passion series products are successively launched, which facilitates advanced and expansion in the later stage. App-type construction diagram, which is convenient to zoom in and zoom out, and more animation interaction makes the construction no longer boring. App racing allows children to get started and play, parent-child education, and entertaining. Imported molds are created to make each part fit together. Completely simulate real car structure, the building block car structure is stable, a variety of moving parts, doors, tails, hoods, etc. can be adjusted. Knight Truck Jeep Racing RC Car is assembled by pieces of building blocks sets. It is strong, creative, realistic, and technical. Smooth curve shape and multi-faceted opening make the car look pretty cool.


Knight Truck Jeep Racing Car helps to enhance children’s creativity, hands-on ability, and imagination. Let the children build their own cars and use their imagination to create creativity. We can buy it from Gearbest at $69.99 in Flash Sale.

Buy Knight Truck App Remote Control Block Toy Car at $69.99


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