Know About Some Instagram Features For business


Aware of all changes in social media applications is a biggest challenge. Especially, when updates or changes are almost in weekly or monthly. If you promote your brand through Instagram then the strategy of your business needs to changes with these updates. We are here to tell you some changes that Instagram has changed. However, Instagram is a full package of features and constantly changing its features make it popular. Instagram changes some features like stories sticker, shopping with AR features, testing removal of likes, and messaging expand with threads. However, Instagram does not add any downloader features yet but if you want to download Instagram video then you can use downloader or any app easily.

In this article, you are going to know about some features of Instagram that affect your business. So without too much delay let’s start.

Some Instagram features for marketers

Since Instagram launched, it has added a number of features that help to grow businesses like both organic posts as well as paid ads features. Here you will know some of the most important features of Instagram for business.

Video features:

You are already familiar with this feature of Instagram. It is different and best compare to photo post features and they allow posting the video, except more than 60 seconds long. If you want to add a filter, a caption and tag your location then you can do it before you share the post. These are the best features that are looking to grow their business with Instagram’s new algorithm. You can also download Instagram videos without trouble. They can make the best video and post which helps to engage more users.

Instagram live video: Live video feature is different compare to Instagram video because it is live.

  • Your followers can like or comment on your live video stream in real-time
  • When you are going live then your all followers get the push notification that you are live
  • This video does not save to your account means it is gone after you end it.

This is another way for a businessman to make a brand or product transparency and authenticity.

IGTV: IGTV allows sharing a video that has more than 1 hour like a TV episode. This is the best feature for those who promote their brand via video. However, today almost all marketers use video marketing for growing their business. When you share a new longer video then your user gets a notification about it.

Stories features:

In these features, stories show their followers 24 hours after posting it and the user can see it before it vanishes. In these features, many features are added.

  • Video recording up to 15 seconds
  • Image viewing up to 10 seconds
  • Unlimited story additions
  • The direct message within stories
  • You can see the total number of views and users name as well

Other essential features:

Turn existing posts into ads: through these features, you can directly change your post into ads that before you could not turn unless you hit them in-app promote button.

Push notification for your favorite account: maybe you will not get notification from your users but it’s important that your followers get notification from you.

That’s all we have for today!!!


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