KOHON KH01 3D Printer: Quick Assembly, For Just $355.99


Embrace the cutting edge 3D printers available at GearBest and start making stuff with easy to use and simple to assembly tools. This technology is now affordable to anyone and you don’t need to be an engineer to print and create wondrous devices, trendy jewellery or architectural models from scratch – or actually from a filament. Just have fun and transform your three dimensional dreams into reality with our printers from popular brands like Anet, Creality 3D or Alfawise, especially that buying now you will save More than 100USD on printers, tools and supplies!

If you’re just beginning your journey into wonderful hobby of 3D printing, pick one of our picks perfect for newbies. These 3D printers are easy to assembly, have touchscreen for offline printing and offer good quality for the price, serving well even total newbies.

KOHON KH01 3D printer has large printing area that totals 300 x 300 x 400 mm, so you’ll be able to make the big items. Its high-end stepper motors offer high accuracy. Solid power supply and large cooling module prevent breakdowns and power failure. It’s only $355.99 on Flash Sale, but the promotion ends soon, so buy it now!

Similarly KOHON KH01 3D printer offers the same print volume, it’s easy to assemble and provides 0,1-0,4 mm layer thickness for detailed printing. It’s even cheaper and at $339.99 with inexpensive shipping worldwide it sure will be a bestseller. Finally,

KOHON KH01 3D printer provides even bigger, 40 x 40 x 40 cm volume, so pick it off if you need to make big printouts. This cutting edge 3D printer features full metal chassis, durable aluminum frames and Bowden extruder for best results. On sale for $355.99 with fast Priority Line shipping.

Buy KOHON KH01 3D printer For Just $355.99


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