Koogeek Smart Bulb Giveaway and Up to 35% off on Different Accessories For New Living Style Activity


We all know the Koogeek brand, a Chinese company that deals with the creation of smart devices that have the task of facilitating everyday life. Koogeek is running a special Smart Bulb Giveaway, which is a fantastic smart light bulb that works with Apple HomeKit, which allows you to control the product from anywhere with a simple touch or Siri, thanks to the Wi-Fi connection. The light bulb has 16 million colors and each color is dimmable. The company also is offering discounts up to 35% OFF during their New Living Style activity which all runs until May 15th.

Here are Today’s Discounts

In addition to the contest, Koogeek has included in the catalog Amazon many new accessories in super discount, all compatible with the Apple HomeKit. All discounted products are available below with Coupon Code.

The Sale
  • Koogeek Smart Power Strip – 20% OFF (Coupon Code: SOXBGNL8)
  • Koogeek Smart Bulb – 20% OFF (Coupon Code: LFFWGXJ3)
  • Koogeek Smart Socket – 20% OFF (Coupon Code: SOXBGNL8)
  • Koogeek Smart Light Switch – 20% OFF (Coupon Code: SOXBGNL8)
In the opening article, we also talked about the giveaway rules

The giveaway rules for participating are very simple, so check out the rules and details below because I am sure you will find something that fits into your living style for yourself, family, special friends, or children to make you or their lives better with style:

  • You must enter this page and register for the competition. You can log in using the most traditional accounts. By clicking, just to give an example, on the ” Facebook ” logo you will be directly redirected to the social network.
  • competition at this point a notification will inform you that the application ” Gleam Competitions “, useful for the realization of the competition, will record your information, at this point just click on “continue” and you’re done.

Several times we will register through the various services, the more chances we will have to win the prize. It is important to clarify that the winners, which will total 3, will be contacted all by mail and the announcement of the lucky ones will take place on the Facebook page of the brand at the end of the event – it will end on May 15th at 11.59 pm, so watch out and here is the Koogeek Giveaway Link that you been waiting for. Good luck!


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