KZ ZSN pro Quad-core Moving Double Circle Headphones Review: Amazing headphone for just $15.99


The KZ ZSN pro Quad-core Moving Double Circle Headphones is the latest product of the KZ brand. It comes in a humanized pluggable design and also a scalable upgrade Bluetooth headset. It as an unbelievable sound quality that would allow you to enjoy good sound to the fullest. There are also many other technologies to make you say “Ugn thanks Igeekphone, now I find the headphones I NEED THE MOST!”

Buy KZ ZSN pro Quad-core Moving Double Circle Headphones at $15.99

Impressive sound quality is the ultimate goal

The KZ pro is equipped with an upgraded Balanced Armature and a dynamic Armature. It makes instant details and the sound density of music much better than traditional sound units. The efficiency of electroacoustic conversion has also been increased. Cool. Besides, these headphones do a good job at isolating noise – about 26dB when properly played without music. It can’t cancel the noise completely but it won’t drain the battery and damage the sound.

New technology ensures smart listening

The self-developed and manufactured 10mm dynamic unit with excellent low-frequency output characteristics. Bass is full and powerful, deep dive, fast transient response, mid-range is wide and thick. Compared with the previous generation of moving coil unit magnets:

  • The volume increases by 30%
  • The frequency response increases by 1kHz
  • The position sensitivity increases by 5dB.

Dynamic & balanced armature combination brings complementary advantages

These headphones adopt new capacitive frequency division technology. It makes the connection between the dynamic unit and balanced armature unit smoother. Also brings complementary advantages, regenerative fever sound quality. The greatness of these headphones is not limited only to that. It also has many features such as resistance to pulling, resistance to bending, and resistance to corrosion.

Where To buy The KZ ZSN pro-Quad-core Moving Double Circle Headphones

The KZ ZSN pro Quad-core Moving Double Circle Headphones is currently available on Gearbest for $15.99 to use coupon code: GBZSNPRO4  

Buy KZ ZSN pro Quad-core Moving Double Circle Headphones at $15.99

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