L602 Mini Drone with 0.3MP HD Camera Design, Features Review (Coupon Inside)


See the world in stunning clarity like never before with the L602 Mini Drone with 0.3MP Camera. This mighty quadcopter has four strong propellers and incredible aerobatic capability to let you show off your flying tricks and skills while recording your flight.


L602 Mini Drone has an amazingly small body. The gadget comes in all black color with four rotors and a sturdy body giving you stronger wind resistance, strong stability and making easier to be controlled. The frame is made of ABS plastic which can take a bit of a beating, but the propeller blades are lighter plastic and can be damaged a little more easily. Each corner of the “X” shaped body has an individual LED light. It’s also great when visibility is low (such as dim lighting or foggy), or when taking a night flight. it measures about 7 * 7 * 4 cm only and weighs just about 31g. As you can see from the measurements it’s very tiny but its a sturdy drone.


This little quad is equipped with a six-axis flight control board which provides more stability for a smoother flight. Since it is a smaller aircraft, the extra axis gives it the ability to fight excessive turbulence and doesn’t bounce all over the place. Because it has a six-axis design on an adjustable gyroscope, the flight is surprisingly stable. 

It is equipped with Optical flow positioning function makes aerial images more stable by using the bottom camera to lock images and position. It is APP programmable action and flight plane functions will offer you much more fun. It has a 0.3MP camera that it can rotate automatically to take a selfie. Open the trajectory mode when controlled by mobile phone and it can automatically fly the route drawn on the mobile phone. With the built-in WiFi module, you can see exactly what your camera sees with a live video on your mobile device by installing the APP. Use the phone APP to control the aircraft. It has two control modes that one is control by manual and the other is by gravity sensing. Aerobatic flight of continuous 360-degree rotation towards various directions. One touch takes off, one-touch landing and one-touch switching of Mode 1/2. The L602 Mini Drone has 6 axis Gyro and 4Ch controller. It operates on 2.4Ghz of frequency and transmits FPV over WiFi. The drone also has a 3.7V 220mAh Lipo (built-in) that gives you about 6 min of flight and charges up in 50mins. Further, it also has features like Headless Mode, Altitude Hold, One Key Return etc.


The L602 Mini Drone is one of the very very compact RC drones out there and it also has a camera for FPV. Further, it also has sophisticated control and comes with a sturdy body. The quadcopter can be ordered from RCMoment.com and by using our coupon code: L602J5 you can get it for just $49.99


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