Laifen Celebrate Mother’s Day and offers Some Good Products at Most Competitive Price


Mother’s Day 2022 is coming up. It doesn’t matter if you are a loving mom, aunt, sister, grandma yourself, or just a wonderful, beauty-loving woman – this Mother’s Day is perfect for you! Laifen will prepare some good products at the most competitive price now. They are Laifen Swift – High-Speed Hair Drye, Laifen Swift Special – High-Speed Hair Dryer, Laifen Swift Quick Styling Nozzle, and Laifen Swift Hair Dryer Diffuser.

Laifen Swift – High-Speed Hair Dryer at $159.99

Laifen Swift Hair Dryer is different from traditional hairdryers, it comes with more lightweight, powerful airflow, controlled temperature, and whisper-quiet function. It has 1600W rated power, 277*70*89mm dimension. It is easy to operate, just press the button On/Off, choose speed grade 1,2,3 for temperature hot/warm/cold mode, you can also enter into the long press for auto-cycling, flexible and convenient. In the package, there are Hair dryer *1, Standard Concentrator *1, Manual*1, and QC card*1. Right now it only costs $159.99. Just catch one for your mother now.

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Laifen Swift Special – High-Speed Hair Dryer at $189

Laifen Swift Special hair dryer has the same design and function as the above one we mentioned, Laifen Swift, but different color, this one is the red one, it offers 3 nozzles, if you pursue better and more convenient effect, you can have a try to enjoy this special version. Of course, due to 3 nozzles and shining color, it costs higher at $189.

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Laifen Swift Hair Dryer Diffuser at $18.99

Laifen Swift hair dryer diffuser is the accessory for Swift hairdryer for extending hairdressing design, the reason you need to choose is that it can provide a larger scale of airflow with magnetic attachment, which is easy to remove and easy to mount. Just protect your hair from now on with this accessory. Right now it sells at $18.99.

Laifen Swift Quick Styling Nozzle at $18.99

Laifen Swift Quick Styling Nozzle is also a useful accessory for the Laifen Swift hairdryer; it is a blower to make your hair in better shape, due to magnetic attachment, of course, it is easy to remove after use. After using this one, enable your hair to blow in more concentration. The price is the same as the diffuser now at $18.99

Mother’s day is coming soon, so be a good and attractive woman, prepare one Laifen Swift hairdryer to shine your life and mood. What are you waiting for?


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