Langogo Minutes multi-language transcription recorder Review: An amazing two-way translator offered For $89.99


In The Hitchiker’s Guide to the Galaxy, Douglas Adams wrote of what was “probably the oddest thing in the Universe,” the Babel fish: a small, yellow, leech-like fish that sits in an ear and helps you “instantly understand anything said to you in any form of language.” Since most of us don’t have access to small translating fish to stick in our ears while we travel, we have to come up with other devices. The latest addition to the panoply of translation devices is the pocket-size, AI-powered Langogo.

The langogo transcription recorder offers instant speech to text recorder. For many of us, key-typing is slow and thus time-consuming when taking meeting minutes and notes. Langogo Minutes is not just a recorder but a  powerful transcription tool that quickly and easily turns a speech or any video into editable text in real-time. 

The langogo transcription recorder is embedded with 100+ Languages. Supporting more than 100+ languages, Langogo minutes is the perfect tool if you are working abroad or with an international team. The device has been tested to have 80% accuracy rate powered by intelligent voice recognition technology, Langogo Minutes is capable of taking dictation at an equivalent typing speed of 160 words per minute, with an 80% accuracy rate from clear audio.

It offers shareable transcriptions, that is once the speech is transcribed and uploaded, you can edit the transcription, replay the audio, copy the text or export as PDF on Langogo’s Cloud. The device serve a very good role in the following aspect,

  • Negotiations – A personal assistant for business meetings negotiations for future references.
  • Interviews – The best way to take notes during interviews.
  • Lectures – A useful tool for students to record the lectures and seminars for later review.
  • Travel Notes –  A great travel buddy to save your ideas and improve your productivity for a memorable journal when traveling.

The Langogo Minutes multi-language transcription recorder simultaneous Two-way Translator in 100+ Languages. Powered by AI, Langogo is also your smart translation assistant for global traveling. It can translate and transmit the conversation into voice output as well as displays the text in real-time.

Convenient One-Button Design: Just press to talk, and release to hear the translation. It is easy-to-use for even the elderly and kids. The device translates in 1 sec, Adopting the Bilingual streaming technology and more than 30 translator servers all over the world to translate in less than 1s. It offers superior Voice Recognition with dual microphone and one noise-canceling chip, Langogo Minutes picks up human voice cleverly and translates what
you say accurately even in the noisy streets. It supports far-field recognition up to 2-3 meters in a quiet indoor environment

The Amazing Langogo Minutes multi-language transcription recorder is currently available for just $89.99. You would agree with me that this is an amazing price and you won’t want to miss it for anything.


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