Lanmodo Vast Pro – 1080P Night Vision Dashcam (Black Friday Sale Coming)


Consumer cars have made significant advances in safety over the last decade. Many auxiliary subsystems that were once found only in expensive vehicles have now been introduced as standard, while basic-level PCs control much of what a driver once’s supposed to oversee. Something that car manufacturers can not help with, however, is the driving conditions and road conditions that their customers often face – both of which are sometimes extremely problematic. Lanmodo Vast Pro can help, for example, in the dark, in the rain, or in the snow, when it can project the image of the road in front of you with perfect visibility.

Surely you have sometimes found yourself in a situation where you drove through some dark forest, or through very heavy rain when you simply did not have a chance to see a few meters ahead. Lanmodo, which is currently coming up with a brand new product, Lanmodo Vast Pro, which is the direct successor of the original Lanmodo Vast, has decided to turn with these petals. The Lanmodo Vast PRO Automotive night vision system illuminates in the dark – only figuratively, of course. The general idea is for Lanmodo to improve road visibility, visibility for the driver. We could liken it to the high beam, but under different conditions, Vast is actually better than the high beam. With the device, you’ll be able to see the road in daylight at night, giving Lanmodo a superpower.

Thanks to the device’s camera system and super-wide display, you can easily see the right and left sides of the new one as well. The device also records, and its other function is to transmit the live image to the driver. This allows the driver to use both the windscreen and the display for orientation while driving. With the latter, the Lanmodo Night Vision uses the power of a magical light amplifier similar to infrared to provide a clear view even where the view to the naked eye is already obstructed.

You may now allow me to argue that all the latest cars have this “night vision”, or that there are other companies that offer similar devices. However, I dare say that it is Lanmodo that does this best. The truth is that in-vehicle night cameras are just passive. This means that the image is black and white and out of focus, and can often even do more harm than good. But Lanmodo does it differently and its Vast and Vast Pro devices have active night vision. Passive night vision is mediated by temperature maps, while active night vision uses infrared light. Thanks to it, Lanmodo Vast and Vast Pro can work perfectly in all situations – whether the car is going against you and the device itself dazzles, or if you find yourself in complete darkness.

Thanks to Lanmodo Vast Pro, traveling is safer

It is somehow logical that most car accidents, unfortunately, happen at night or in degraded conditions. Most of us will definitely not dare to drive at night as confidently as during the day. You never know from which side some wild game will emerge – most often a deer. What we lie about, such a collision with an animal can cause great inconvenience. Gentle sexes, in particular, can suffer psychological damage as a living creature loses their life, but in addition, it is necessary to resolve the whole situation with the insurance company, arrange to tow, and then service, which can take several weeks.

Lanmodo Vast Pro, however, all these troubles can go away. Lanmodo Vast Pro is a special safety assistant for drivers who drive mainly at night or who often find themselves in poor visibility conditions. Thanks to Lanmodo Vast Pro, drivers can see the surroundings in front of them, even in the dark or in poor conditions, as if it were a sunny day. In addition, Lanmodo Vast Pro can also be used by older drivers who no longer see so well.

The specifications will pleasantly surprise you

So we already know that Lanmodo Vast Pro is a kind of “box” that can display the recording from the camera in the night or deteriorating conditions as if it were day. You are definitely interested in the specifications of this device itself. Lanmodo Vast Pro has an 8.0 1080 display with 1080p resolution with full colors. The field of view of the lens is a full 45 degrees and thanks to it, the driver can see up to 300 meters ahead.

For comparison, with the help of a classic light bulb, one can see about 60 meters in front of him, using a long-range light bulb then some 80 meters. If we anticipate that the vehicle is moving at a speed of 60 km / h, the driver has 4.8 seconds to react within 80 meters. With the help of Lanmodo Vast Pro, the driver gets a full 13.2 seconds to react, which is a really long time during which it is quite easy to slow down or avoid a possible collision.

Possibility to use the rear camera together with active recording

Lanmodo also thought of truck drivers, who often transport their cargo at night. In addition to using the classic front camera, there is also a rear camera that simply connects to the front unit itself, and the driver can then easily switch between the front and rear cameras. The good news is that Lanmodo Vast Pro also serves as an auto-camera. The Vast Pro can be fitted with up to 128 GB of memory card, which can automatically record from both the front and rear cameras, in 1080p resolution.

Of course, the recording will automatically overwrite when the full capacity of the memory card is reached. The user can also set the recording to start automatically when an impact is detected. Lanmodo Vast Pro can detect an accident or impact using a special overload sensor. Such a record is never played on the memory card so that the driver always has enough evidence, for example for the insurance company or the police.

Full packaging and easy installation with control

If you decide to buy the Lanmodo Vast Pro, you will get a box inside which contains everything you need and even more. In addition to the Lanmodo Vast Pro itself, you will find a detailed manual with all the necessary information and, of course, the connection procedure. You can then attach the Vast Pro to your car using either a non-slip “foot” that you simply place on the dashboard, or you can use the included windshield suction cups. Then there is a power cable with a terminal either for the OBD port or for conventional ignition.

The package also includes a screwdriver for easy installation of the device. The installation of Lanmodo Vast Pro itself is then very simple. All you have to do is mount the device on the windshield or place it on the dashboard, and then connect it to the power supply – either using the aforementioned OBD port or using conventional ignition.

As for the control of the device itself, even in this case it is not complicated. Lanmodo Vast Pro is controlled with several buttons. For example, you can use them to switch the image display from the front or rear camera, and of course, you can navigate the menu with them if you need to set something. Compared to competing devices, the Lanmodo Vast Pro is great mainly in that it offers a color image and can also actively record and thus serve as a car camera. The fact that you can buy a Lanmodo Vast Pro for 20% of the price of a night camera in some of the newer vehicles is just the icing on the cake.

Advantage of Lanmodo

If you are one of the drivers who often drive at night or in bad weather; then Vast Pro is for you. Whether you are a car or truck driver, this product can help you. With active night vision, which uses infrared light, the Lanmodo Vast Pro can display night or deteriorating conditions as if it were a sunny day. In addition, it can increase visibility up to 300 meters (80 meters with high beam) and reaction time up to 13.2 seconds (4.8 seconds with high beam) at a speed of 60 km / h. Vast Pro can also be used by people with poor eyesight; which is definitely useful. Thanks to Lanmodo Vast Pro; traveling by road can become much safer. If you like Lanmodo Vast Pro, don’t forget to take advantage of special offers.


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