LAOTIE L6 Electric Scooter 48V 500W 23.4A 10 Inch 45km/h Top Speed Review (Coupon deal)


LAOTIE L6 Electric Scooter is ideal for youths and adults. It has a motor with a power of 150W that starts with a heartbeat. It is perfect, light, and easy to move. Energizes compactness, saving time lost when walking or holding on for public vehicles.

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The LAOTIE L6 Electric Scooter can go on a single empower to 60 kilometers, has a game plan of triple brakes, and shock digestion, the packaging of the device is made of aluminum. An individual weighing up to 150 kg can enter the vehicle, so bigger size people will ride this bicycle. The contraption itself weighs under 23 kg. The controlling wheel has a LED control board that introductions speed, power, or apparatus, while the vehicle is filled by a 18650 mAh lithium battery.

LAOTIE L6 Electric Scooter

Considering the genuine riding experience, the maker’s weight is about 90kg. In the third apparatus mode, the speediest ride can show up at 40km/h. In reality, even in the essential apparatus mode, the starting movement is fast.

LAOTIE L6 Electric Scooter


LAOTIE L6 Electric Scooter is unpreventable that I will encounter one of a kind conditions and need to back off unequivocally. I out of the blue brake firmly at around 20 hours out of every hour. The vehicle body didn’t shake plainly and ended reliably. Since it has triple brakes, differentiated and the electronic + mechanical brakes of other bicycle things, it incorporates pedal brakes, so the brakes will be all the more consistent.

LAOTIE L6 Electric Scooter

As L6 is furnished with triple shock maintenance at tires, crucial assistance bars, and rear-wheel pedals, it can satisfactorily filter through some little thumps, and regardless, riding on disproportionate square roads, the vehicle body is completely consistent.

LAOTIE L6 Electric Scooter


The front and rear wheel daze digestion give the best rider comfort, and the antilock mechanical and electrical brakes ensure a sheltered hindering partition. LAOTIE L6 Electric Scooter is one of the best products and easily available at Banggood at $689.99. Also, To get the price use the  Code: BGLTL6ZEU

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