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When we talk about laser cutters and engravers, it is clear that one of their disadvantages is the lack of portability, they are usually too bulky to carry everywhere or make engravings on furniture or objects that cannot be moved to the location of the device. To solve that predicament there are portable laser engravers like the LaserPecker 2 Pro Engraver, which packs a 5W diode laser into its small frame and can engrave at speeds of up to 600mm per second. As if that were not enough, it offers an engraving area of ​​100 x 2,000mm that impresses even the most demanding.

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The LaserPecker 2 Pro has a compact and slim design. It measures only 194 x 187 x 236mm and weighs 3.2 kilograms, therefore, you can easily carry it by hand and store it in your backpack if you go out. The laser engraving can be started with just a few clicks on the smartphone by transferring the images via Bluetooth 5.0. In terms of engraving speed, LaserPecker has made a huge leap compared to its predecessor, accelerating to 600 mm/s.

The perfect level of detail is given by the engraving resolutions of 1K, 1.3K, and 2K. It can engrave on glass but also warns that for best results it is recommended to paint the material black before engraving. That said, it will be possible to get creative with acrylic and transparent materials if we heed that recommendation. Engraving on treated metal is certainly a possibility and indeed promises excellent results when working with coated metal and anodized stainless steel.


Without a doubt, the LaserPecker 2 Pro is a very complete product, and this is demonstrated by features such as the super-fast preview of 3750mm/s, which helps with the positioning of the engraving and gives us a realistic idea of ​​what the result will look like. final. It is worth mentioning that the recorder is equipped with Bluetooth 5.0, so it can establish a wireless and stable connection with the controller device, which can be both a computer or a smartphone through the LaserPecker app, from which you can adjust some of the engraving parameters.

LaserPecker 2 Pro adds powerful features and an easy-to-use interface to make laser engraving affordable and simple for beginners, hobbyists, and professionals. The sleek, compact, plug-and-play device sets up in seconds and works with a smartphone to transfer images and start burning in just a few clicks.

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