Latest Exposure Of Smartisan Nuts Pro 2! Black Technology Ceramic Acoustic System?


This year’s old Luo and his nut smartisan cell phone is simply playing a small strong, has been to go their own development route to develop their own brand. smartisan has recently issued an invitation letter, announced at 7:30 on the 7th of this month held a new conference in Chengdu, it appears that the smartisan’s first full-screen mobile phone will be with our face.

Today, there is a technology blogger released a piece of material, that this is the nut series of new full-screen mobile phone. we are talking about the newly exposed smartisan nut Pro 2. Everyone knows that the smartisan Pro Handphone is selling well and is the best-selling smartisan ever sold by all phones.

As we can see that this phone uses a rounder shape, the front camera is located in the upper left corner, below also cancel the Home button. Back of the fuselage with a circular arc, I believe the feeling should be good.

Lao Luo recently released his new phone frequently, unexpectedly, the old Luo smartisan cell phone has recently been exposed, full screen + black technology, an upgraded version of Nut Pro, that is, “Nut Pro 2”. It from the picture using the mainstream nowadays full-screen design, black technology is the Nuts Pro2 canceled the traditional positive fingerprint identification and handset design.

The receiver is most likely to use the “ceramic acoustics system” technology, which is not yet a universal “black technology.” Comprehensive news, Nuts Pro 2 will continue the exquisite appearance of the Nut Pro, powerful performance, long life characteristics.

Hardware configuration will certainly usher in a new upgrade. However, the current configuration is not exposed, we can only wait silently, the appearance of the previous generation is simply a reform of the product. You look forward to the smartisan Pro 2 full-screen flagship, as well as black technology?

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