LE NENG TOYS K9 Review: an Intelligent Dinosaur Fighting Robot For Just $49.99 at TOMTOP (+Coupon)


LE NENG TOYS K9 is a very fun Intelligent Dinosaur Fighting Robot with which children can enjoy. This LE NENG TOYS K9 robot is intelligently programmable which can perform various complex actions. Shooting, fighting, dancing and playing music, will be a good companion for your kids. Don’t hesitate to take it home!

Buy LE NENG TOYS K9 Intelligent Dinosaur Robot at $49.99


LE NENG TOYS K9 Intelligent Dinosaur will delight not only the child but also most adults will be surprised. The robot is made of high-quality plastic, well-developed parts of the body, legs, and head. A robot can make many different sounds that reflect its emotions. Sensors are built into the head of the dinosaur, with which it recognizes objects and your touches. He can rotate his head, clamp light objects in his jaws and play with them like a puppy. Moving tail, which also shows reptile emotions.


K9 Intelligent Dinosaur with exquisite craftsmanship, excellent appearance, and perfect quality has multiple functions, such as Programmable, Touch-sense, Shake head, Shake Tail, Dancing with music and patrol, Shoot bullet. It assists and accompanies kids to explore so much fun. With those amazing functions, K9 Dinosaur will be welcomed among children and provide unprecedented delight for children. To control a dinosaur with a special remote control is quite simple. He is not inferior to other interactive toy pets and looks extremely exotic, which attracts the attention of others. In addition, the toy not only has moving parts of the body but also effectively growls and even talks.


The LE NENG TOYS K9 Intelligent Dinosaur will be loved by the child, he will feel himself in the world of the future, where dinosaurs with artificial intelligence live on earth again. We can buy it from TOMTOP at $49.99 by using Coupon Code: HTKLT

Buy LE NENG TOYS K9 Intelligent Dinosaur Robot at $49.99


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