leeHUR Mini Ultrasonic Washing Machine for Travel Flash Sale(Coupon Included)


With the development of high technology and better living standard, more and more consumers would like to try the smart gadgets to reduce the living burden. So today we would like to introduce a novel and innovated mini ultrasonic washing machine, it is leeHUR Mini Ultrasonic Washing Machine which is very compact and portable for your travel. Right now we don’t have to worry the dirty clothes outside. Just let this mini washing machine change your life.



leeHUR Mini Ultrasonic Washing Machine has 18.00 x 14.00 x 4.50 cm dimensions, and 0.156 kg, in terms of its design, it is very easy to take or bring. This smart watch is quite eco-friendly, fashionable and practical for you. It’s made of ABS. So how to use it? First, put your clothes into the water, second, pour approriate amount of laundry detergent, then plug into the socket and you can start to watch.



So what’s the main advantage about this leeHUR Mini Ultrasonic Washing Machine? How much will it be? As you know, it is so compact, light weight and portable to take anywhere, especially when you go outside for travel, you have no time to wash your clothes, it can  dissolve clothes stain without damage to clothes with high-frequency vibration. It’s lucky to share this gadget for you that right now you can enjoy coupon code: HOME12OFF at catch it at $23.36. Only 10 pcs left, carry on!


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