Lefant M213S Robot Vacuum Cleaner on Summer Sale at $126.99


Lefant brand is a famous name chosen by many customers around the world and best selling on AliExpress. With a beautiful and luxurious design, Lefant M213S Robot Vacuum Cleaner With Mop, 3200Pa Strong Suction, 150 Minutes of Constant Vacuuming, Alexa Voice Control Robotic Vacuum Ideal for Pet Hair Hard Floor and Carpet products is the perfect choice if you looking to buy a Robotic Vacuums for myself.

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The diameter of the M213S vacuum cleaner is 28 cm. It is one of the smallest dimensions offered for sale in the category of robot vacuum cleaners. With a thickness of 7.6 cm, it will be easier for him to slip under very low furniture for example. This small thickness is also due to the absence of a laser, but that does not prevent it from moving thanks to its sensors.

Connectivity and Easy To Use

All you have to do is press the ignition button, which is also used to switch off the vacuum cleaner. This button is located on the side of the vacuum and easily accessible. However, it is not the only button present on the robot. Another allows you to manage interactions. For example, you can press it to order the robot to return to its base. It is also used to initiate synchronization with the dedicated mobile application. Once turned on, the robot will initiate a cleaning operation. To do this, it circulates easily under the furniture to remove hidden dirt. Lefant M213S can clean both hard surfaces and soft surfaces such as carpet. However, be patient so that he finds a solution that allows him to pass the obstacles.

Cleaning Efficient

The Lefant M213S can easily pass from a parquet floor to the carpet provided that the crossing thickness is less than 1.2 cm. This means that for carpets which generally have a higher thickness, it will have to be helped. This is a disadvantage if you must be busy doing other things. To meet various expectations, the robot has 4 cleaning modes: edge cleaning, spot cleaning, random cleaning and automatic cleaning. As for the automatic mode, it is compatible with Alexa and Google Assistant. It is therefore easy to control the operation of the device by voice.

In terms of performance, the Lefant M213S vacuum cleaner ranks among the best on the market for its suction efficiency. Adjustable power depending on the task to be performed. As a result, all the dirt lying on the floor will be easily vacuumed with a 35% higher efficiency than mid-range devices. Whether it’s dust, animal hair or scraps of paper, this vacuum cleaner displays unparalleled efficiency, and this, in complete autonomy. Equipped with rubber wheels, it adapts to all surfaces.

Where TO Buy

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Buy Lefant M213S on Aliexpress Check Summer Sale Up To 70% OFF on Aliexpress


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