Lei Jun Confirmed the Decrease In the Number of Advertising In MIUI


Rumors that in MIUI will be less advertising, go for about a month. The shell development department knows that this is one of the most annoying moments for users, and quite naturally they are looking for ways to solve the problem. Now the head of Xiaomi Lei Jun spoke in the same vein.

According to the top manager, in the development of MIUI, problems that give users “pain” are a priority. Of course, advertising – on one of the first “sick” places. Lei Zun promised to ” decisively remove short text advertising messages and” old advertising “.” What is under the latter is a question, but in general we can talk about a significant decrease in advertising in MIUI.

Lei jun also posted a picture with six new improvements that will be available in MIUI 11. Some of them are local in nature (for example, the ability to record calls in WeChat is hardly in demand by users outside of China), but there are some global ones among them. For example, new notifications and hard power saving mode. True, we already know about it. bAlas, the release dates of MIUI 11 are still not specified.

At the same time, the MIUI General Manager @MIUI Xiaofan answered the “MIUI user feedback centralized remediation action” on Weibo. He said: ” MIUI will carry out user feedback rectification from this week. In the next 1 or 2 months, we will focus on getting a lot of feedback from everyone. Here I will post a big post to gather your opinions on Weibo. ”

In addition, he also lists the various modules in the Weibo reply. You can feedback or praise the questions in each module. MIUI departments will give priority to the number of users who collect and follow the feedback. Module questions for collection include desktop lock screen, camera, browser, gadget, negative screen, security and cleanup, system settings, phone/SMS/contacts, and more. What are your expectations for the improvement of MIUI?

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