Lei Jun Leaks Xiaomi MI MIX 2 Will Have More Amazing Features


Last year, as for the most innovative product of Xiaomi, Xiaomi MI MIX with 91.3% screen to body ratio has been attracted and imitated by other manufacturers and mi fans. Right now we can’t be sure if Xiaomi MI MIX should be a landmark smartphone, but we can confirm that Xiaomi MI MIX is different and outstanding from other smartphones. So what’s the next generation of Xiaomi MI MIX like? Lei Jun as Xiaomi CEO has given the answer about Xiaomi MI MIX 2.

On his Weibo, he claims today he has met Xiaomi MI MIX designer, Philippe Starck, who has introduced the designing concept about Xiaomi MI MIX 2 to Lei Jun. Next they will explore continuously about how to make those exciting innovation become reality.

In terms of leaked information on Lei Jun’s Weibo, Xiaomi MI MIX 2 will still be designed by Philippe Starck, which makes mi fans very excited. As one of the most famous and successful designer in the world, we are very looking forward to Xiaomi MI MIX design from him.

Not long ago, he has designed a holographic ALO phone, although currently it’s just a concept design, the exaggerating design and holographic and voice control technology enable this phone to look like a future product. Therefore, we are expecting Starck can make more amazing Xiaomi MI MIX 2.


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