Lei Jun Misses Xiaomi MI1S to Recall MI Fans’ Past


Back to five years ago, we can never think of Xiaomi, but Xiaomi as one of most renowned Chinese smartphone brands until now has changed Chinese smartphone industry completely, we believe other Chinese brands like Meizu, Huawei, ZTE, etc have hated so much that made them earn less to enhance more competition in this line.




In August,2011, Xiaomi released Xiaomi MI1S, equipped with Qualcomm MSM8260 Dual core 1.7GHz processor,which claims the fastest smartphone in the world and only sells at 1499 yuan, $250. Recently, Pan Jiutang as Chinese smartphone analyst has shown the photos taken by Redmi Note 4, and then attach Xiaomi MI1S photo. Lei Jun is busy with Xiaomi MI5S announcement, and feel a lot and claimed past has gone, but it may be too long, Lei Jun regarded Xiaomi MI1S as Xiaomi MI1.


Lei Jun also showed that if Xiaomi hasn’t got all your support, they couldn’t make such kind of achievement. Thanks for all fans. Therefore, more fans starts to recall, and claimed that their Xiaomi MI1 and Xiaomi mi1s has been saved in the box.


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