Lei Jun Shows off Xiaomi Mi 13/Pro Leica Certificate


The launch event of the Mi 13 / Pro series is scheduled for Dec 11. At the event, Xiaomi will introduce the new flagship Mi 13 / Pro series, as well as the latest MIUI 14 system. Xiaomi will also unveil a number of new products at the event, including the Xiaomi Mini Console, the Xiaomi Ten Gigabit Router, and the Xiaomi Sound Pro.

Lei Jun showed off Mi 13 / Pro Leica certificate on Weibo and showed off the Leica super close-up proof. Lei Jun said:

Each Mi Leica joint R&D project requires official certification from Leica’s German headquarters before it can use the “Mi Leica Joint R&D” logo. This is behind the century-old Leica’s extreme requirements for rigorous optical performance, and also the full recognition of the joint development of mobile imaging with Xiaomi.

Xiaomi 13Pro Leica Super Close-up Demo:


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