Lei Jun: Xiaomi Treats 5G Optimistic and Release 10 5G Phones Next Year


The 6th World Internet Conference opened today. Xiaomi Group founder, chairman and CEO Lei Jun pointed out in the speech that Xiaomi’s attitude toward 5G is optimistic and radical. In the early stage of 5G popularization, high-definition video applications and cloud games have the possibility of breaking out.

“Many people ask me what I care about? I care about 5G.” Lei Jun pointed out that he came to Wuzhen and tested the 5G downlink speed to 400Mbps, and the second test to 800Mbps. “I think this speed is OK.”

In his view, 5G is becoming an accelerator for the development of the digital economy. 5G is a big event for the entire communications industry and the Internet industry. “It has huge opportunities, and there are huge challenges and risks. Everyone has a variety of moods, Xiaomi is optimistic and radical.”

Lei Jun said that after Xiaomi released 5G mobile phones, consumer demand exceeded expectations. Next year, 10 5G mobile phones will be launched to cover various price points. “I was particularly worried about 4G mobile phones not being sold next year, and I hope operators can speed up the deployment of 5G.”

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In the early days of 5G popularization, which applications will break out? Lei Jun believes that high-definition video applications, cloud games, etc. are all possible, and will be seen in the first half of next year.

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