Lei Jun’s Screensaver Leaked: Things That Can Be Ignored Must Be Ignored


The 4th Chu Business Conference 2019 was held as scheduled in Wuhan Donghu International Conference Center. It is reported that guests participating in the conference include Ma Yun, President of Zhejiang Chamber of Commerce, Chen Dongsheng, President of Chu Chamber of Commerce, Lei Jun, Vice Chairman of National Federation of Industry and Commerce, Chairman of Xiaomi Technology Co., Ltd., President of Sichuan Chamber of Commerce, New Hope Group Chairman Liu Yonghao, Chairman of Gree Electric Co., Ltd. Dong Mingzhu, etc.

As the representative of Chu Shang, Lei Jun naturally attracted much attention. Last night, someone took a picture of Lei Jun’s mobile phone screensaver at the welcome dinner of the Chu Business Conference: things that can be ignored must be ignored.

The exposed photos showed that Lei Jun and Ma Yun sat diagonally opposite each other, and Ma Yun got up during the meeting, while Lei Jun was playing with a cell phone. Judging from the phone shape and Lei Jun’s daily Weibo small tail judgment, it should be the Xiaomi Mi CC9 Pro with 100 million pixels.

In a speech at the conference, Lei Jun said that in 2017, he decided to build Xiaomi’s headquarters in Wuhan. From the start of construction on November 25 last year, it took less than a year to complete the construction, and he was too fast to believe it.

On December 18th, Xiaomi’s Wuhan headquarters held a park opening ceremony. In the future, Xiaomi will establish a 10,000-person, ultra-large-scale R & D headquarters in Wuhan, focusing on the field of AI + IoT.

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Data show that Lei Junsheng grew up in Hubei and graduated from Wuhan University. In April 2017, Lei Jun decided to build Xiaomi, Jinshan Heshun as headquarters in Wuhan in response to the call of millions of alumni Zizhi to return to Han. The newly-built headquarters is located in the Donghu High-tech Zone, with an L-shaped design and a glass facade. Last year, the output value was 10.5 billion. At present, the number of employees exceeds 2,000, and 80% are locally recruited.

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