LEMFO LEM10 3GB+32GB 1.82′ Large Screen 4G Watch Phone Review (39 pcs limited)


LEMFO LEM10 Smartwatch can present APPs you like and acknowledge beneficial online shopping and brilliant fervor experience. 4G framework and WiFi affiliation enable you to make without hands calls or video chatting with your family or allies. Get LEMFO LEM9 Smartwatch right now and let it present to you an insightful and sound life.

LEMFO LEM10 Smartwatch Price: $159.99


LEMFO LEM10 Smartwatch has basic and moderate structure. By and large, it is accessible in dark/dim or red. In this way, the organization didn’t do anything odd. The case is made of a titanium combination, giving high protection from warmth and erosion. Simultaneously, the tie is made of silicone, which gives more prominent adaptability and quality. On the right, there is a camera that is camouflaged. Concerning its collecting the body is made out of a titanium amalgam giving high insurance from warmth and disintegration, the tie is made of silicone, which gives increasingly critical versatility and quality, giving an ergonomic and pleasing fit, without spot you question an ideal mix for this kind of things.

To finish, on the right side we can find a camera that is covered, and close by it we find the on and off catch. Likewise, in light of its advancement, it has an IP67 affirmation which empowers it to have unbelievable resistance against water or other outside administrators that may over the long haul enter the contraption.


LEMFO LEM10 Smartwatch has Best reasonable screen measure with the best quality picture showing gives you an incredible endeavor. the Pedometer Record the strategies you take and check the separation to make you thoroughly control your games.it goes with 2.0MP Camera You can clearly take photograph by utilizing the camera of the watch or remote control your far-reaching Smartwatch with the 700mAh Li-lion Battery ou can utilize your smartwatch telephone to call, take photographs.

In the availability area, it is furnished with a few helpful instruments that will make it free of cell phone since it has a worked in GPS for more prominent accuracy in route and Bluetooth form 4.0. Yet, the most extraordinary actuality is the similarity with a miniaturized scale SIM card, which has a 4G GSM system support at frequencies 850/900/1800/1900MHz.


This cutting edge Smartwatch without a doubt does not fall behind different models and brands of this focused market, the LEMFO LEM10 Smartwatch is a smartwatch that with every one of its capacities and materials makes it perfect for the day by day utilization of any client covering the most essential needs while staying agreeable and calm, ideal for business people. you can easily buy this from Banggood with $159.99

39 pcs limited for the first batch

LEMFO LEM10 Smartwatch Price: $159.99


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