LEMFO LEM4 PRO 3G Smartwatch Phone With 1GB RAM 16GB ROM 1.3MP Camera Design, Hardware, Features Review


Everything thing around us is gradually turning into a smart device which simply our daily task, all thanks to Technology. There so many brands today trying to make good use o this technology to solve different problems and one such brand is LEMFO. Recently they launched a new multifunctional smartwatch which they name  LEMFO LEM4 PRO 3G Smartwatch Phone. It has an elegant design and a number of functions that which I believe would get you interested in the device.


The LEMFO LEM4 comes in a pacific and simple design that makes this China brand stand out with a square and curved edge design. It is available in black color which makes it look classy. It has dimensions are 26.90 x 6.20 x 1.50 cm, which makes it extremely compact and versatile to use. Talking about the material built, the body is composed of a titanium alloy providing high resistance to heat and corrosion, the strap is made of silicone, which provides greater flexibility and strength, which allows an ergonomic and comfortable fit, without a doubt it is an ideal combination for this type of product.


The LEMFO LEM4 is powered by a MediaTek  MT6580 processor clocked at 1.3GHz. The chipset is comparable with a mid-range device so you can see that it would be more than ok for a Smartwatch. This chipset is paired with a 1GB RAM memory that matches a 16GB ROM. Talking about the screen, The LEMFO LEM4 has a 2.2-inch LCD  touchscreen with a resolution of 320 x 240 pixels. A standard screen for this class of Smartwatches and incorporates LCD technology which is a strength that offers us a thinner and lighter crystal without diminishing resistance or quality in its resolution.


In the aspect of connectivity, The device is equipped with several useful tools that will make it independent of a mobile device since it has a built-in GPS for greater precision in navigation and Bluetooth version 4.0. But the most outstanding fact is the compatibility with a Nano SIM card, which has a 3G GSM network support. The smartwatch sports a 1.3MP Camera which would allow you to capture every single moment without carrying a camera.

The smartwatch Runs on Android 5.1 operating system thanks to synchronization with a terminal or using it independently, you can call, receive and send SMS and even install Android applications through the Google Play store. Lastly, it comes with built-in 1200mAh battery giving a longer standby time and operation time.


The LEMFO LEM4 PRO 3G Smartwatch Phone from all that has been said shows that its a very nice smartwatch that would even make you forget about your smartphone if you are ok with its 2.2-inch LCD screen. You can pre-order the smartwatch from Tomtop for 99.99. The pre-sale would end on July 7th, so immediately, you smartwatch would be sent to you.


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