Lenovo Announced Lenovo 510S All-in-one PC Ready to Enter VR Headset Line


Numerous Chinese brands have produced its own VR headset to announce into VR industry, such as Huawei, Deepoon, Meizu, Pico, etc. Latest news about Lenovo is that they have released Lenovo 510s All in one PC. There are some version to select, the official price will be at least 5999 yuan. Right now it starts to presell in Lenovo official store.


Lenovo 510S is the latest all-in-one PC to only have 2mm width of the bezel which makes the vision wider. And it comes with 7.2mm thickness, 4.4kg weight, using mermaid base to adjust the screen from -5 degree to 30 degree. Meanwhile, its hidden camera uses pop-up design under the bottom of VR that will not damage the overall structure. It sports by 1920*1080p IPS screen, 178 ultra angle design, no glass and it can anti-sunlight. As for its performance, It is powered by the latest Intel Sixth Skylake processor, GF930A Ram 2GB, and 500G hard drive. It supports 802.11AC network and 2.4G and 5G dual network band. In order to provide better service, Lenovo 510s has also provided the service of recovering hard disk at 2,000 yuan.


How about overheat problem? Lenovo 510S has separated its GPU and CPU to give off, it also uses double copper pipe cooling system to improve cooling better.  There are some cloud service besides hardware, for example, it can back up automatically , retrieval smartly, and identify, classify automatically synchronized photos. What’s more, it can automatically synchronize with your smartphone.

We must be very excited about this Lenovo 510S  all-in-one PC, but according to its CEO, they are planning Lenovo VR strategy and provide better service for Virtual Reality products. They announced they are ready to come into VR line. So what kind of VR are you expected? Most users are using Lenovo PC. It’s really nice to hear that.


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