Lenovo Exposed ZUK Z2 featuring Exynos 8890 Processor


We have introduced Meizu MX6 will come with Exynos 8890 processor, right now the latest news from China is that Lenovo ZUK Z2 will also feature Exynos 8890 processor. According to the previous information, ZUK Z2 will have dual 2.5D glass and U-touch button. If they really are powered by Exynos 8890, which can compare with Galaxy S7 and S7 edge smartphone. We can estimate ZUK Z2 is also a high-end smartphone in its hardware.

According to the leaked photo, ZUK Z2 will utilize dual 2.5 D design and classic U-touch button to support fingerprint scanner, touch to return, sliding left to right and other interaction function. Will it use 5inch screen design, and will it become the lower version of ZUK Z2 Pro?
Anyway, Lenovo ZUK Z2 smartphone is powered by Exynos 8890 which makes us impress a lot and focus on it more. We will also make comparison between Samsung Galaxy S7 and ZUK Z2 in its hardware, as for its camera, and other information, we have no idea right now, and it will sell at 1999 yuan ? A lot of news needs to be reported for you. Let’s witness the miracle about ZUK Z2.


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