Lenovo Releases YOGA Air 14s 2023 Light Edition


Today, Lenovo YOGA held a “summer tasting”, launched the new YOGA Air 14s light edition.

The new YOGA Air 14s 2023 adopts a unique orange and blue color scheme in ID design, combined with CNC Unibody integrated molding process, which is delicate and natural in vision.

Meanwhile, the 14.5-inch body of the YOGA Air 14s weighs only 1.28kg and is 13.9mm thin, living up to its “lightweight” name.

Despite being thin and light, the laptop doesn’t suffer from performance and battery life.

The YOGA Air 14s 2023 adopts the R7 7840S processor customized by Lenovo and AMD, which combines the performance of a standard voltage processor with the excellent battery life of a low voltage processor. With a large battery, the Yoga Air 14S 2023 ensures the overall operating experience.

Elsewhere, the YOGA Air 14s 2023 has an OLED screen, an excellent six-speaker combo, and a 1.5mm keyboard with long keys.

The YOGA Air 14s 2023 will be sold at a price that has not yet been announced.


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