Lenovo TAB4 8 Plus Tablet PC With Fingerprint Recognition Design, Hardware, Features Review


Lenovo has entered the mid-range Android tablet market with a premium device worth paying attention to. It offers excellent value at an affordable price and should be the first choice for new, non-iPad tablet buyers. Lenovo Tab4 8 Plus tablet was launched in February 2017. The tablet comes with an 8-inch display with a resolution of 1200 pixels by 1920 pixels. The Lenovo Tab4 8 Plus is powered by 2GHz octa-core Qualcomm Snapdragon 625 processor and it comes with 4GB of RAM.


The Tab4 8 Plus is housed in a dual-glass case, which protects the front and back with double safety glass, which effectively protects against scratches and bumps and also amazes with a reflection like an aurora. Together with its super-flat and lightweight format (only 7 mm thin and 300 g light), the tablet is a real feast for the eyes. With this 20.3 cm (8-inch) screen, fans of wireless devices get their money’s worth with Netflix or Amazon Prime Video. The display with IPS technology spoils with a high resolution of 1920 x 1200 pixels. The Tab 4 8 Plus is available in Sparkling White or Aurora Black. The colors of these elegant cases reflect a reflection like an Aurora, which changes with every change of the angle.


The Tab4 8 Plus’ stylish exterior beats a powerful Qualcomm® Snapdragon™ 64-bit octa-core processor. Backed by up to 4 GB of RAM and 64 GB of storage, this tablet can seamlessly handle anything you throw at it—and more. The Tab 4 8 Plus does not run out of steam fast with the powerful 64-bit Octa-Core Snapdragon ™ processors up to 2 GHz. Together with up to 4GB of memory and 64GB of data storage, the Tab 4 8 Plus does all the work with remarkable ease. The Tab 4 8 Plus is equipped with a 5MP front-facing camera and 8MP rear camera for conducting face-to-face conversations and capturing the environment, respectively. To complete the video conferencing experience, a microphone along with two front-facing speakers are on board. For storing images, videos, and apps, the tablet provides 64 GB of internal storage and a built-in microSD card slot that can accommodate user-supplied memory cards up to 128GB in capacity. Moreover, an integrated fingerprint sensor allows you to quickly unlock the tablet and make app purchases without typing your password.


Thanks to Dolby Atmos® sound optimization, the Tab 4 8 Plus sounds really good on headphones. But also on the built-in stereo speakers on the front of the tablet sounds convincing, the sound seems to hover almost around the listener. The sound is clear, powerful and full and comes from all directions, with or without headphones. Tab 4 8 Plus designed the tablet so it’s easy to use by multiple users. The fingerprint scanner provides increased security and allows easy login for every single user of the tablet. Each user has their own account and their own desktop on the tablet, with individual settings, their own background, and their social media accounts. Lenovo lets you connect the Tab4 8 Plus online in many ways by outfitting it with 802.11ac Wi-Fi (MU-MIMO supported) Other notable connectivity features include Bluetooth 4.1 + LE along with a combo audio jack and USB Type-C port, which sports a reversible design for connecting the included USB-C cable on the first try. There’s also a built-in FM tuner for tuning into local radio stations.


With its chic and high-quality design, the Lenovo Tab4 8 Plus is a premium Android tablet for the discerning user in the family. The dual-glass case of the Tab 4 not only looks extra stylish, it also effectively protects from scratches and bumps. The tablet can even be further customized: With an optional additional package, the Lenovo Tab4 8 Plus transforms into a tablet that is especially suitable for children. You can buy from Gearbest at $269.99 in Flash Sale For limited time.

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12.19 12.31 Lenovo TAB4 8 Plus Tablet PC Fingerprint Recognition 269.99 $200-$15 300.00

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