Lenovo TB-X6E6F New Tablet Passed the FCC Certification


Brand of Lenovo has managed to attract many consumers by consistently introducing advanced devices with impressive features and specifications. Fans of Lenovo can look forward to another tablet hitting the market soon, as the company reportedly plans to unveil a new model.

Lenovo TB-X6E6F Tablet Passed FCC Certification

The rumor seems to hold some truth, as a Lenovo tablet with the model number TB-X6E6F has been spotted on the FCC certification website, although the name of the device is yet to be confirmed. The website has revealed a few specifications of this upcoming device, including support for a 5G Wi-Fi network and the bands it supports.


The radio spectrum of the Lenovo TB-X6E6F stretches from 30Hz to 300Hz, which means that selecting a radio spectrum comes with tradeoffs between range and data rate. As for the Bluetooth technology, this upcoming tablet uses the 2.4 GHz ISM spectrum band, which provides a good balance between range and throughput and is available worldwide, making it a standard for low-power wireless connectivity.

The certification website has also revealed the front design and dimensions of the upcoming tablet, which shows that it will have a diagonal length of more than 200mm. The dimensions are listed as 158.8mm x 251.2mm x 9.2mm, with the WIFI Ant placed 71.2mm from the left.

While Lenovo has yet to make an official announcement regarding the launch of this tablet, its appearance on various certification websites suggests that we may hear about its release soon.

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