Lenovo VIBE P2 P2C72 5.5inch 4GB+64GB Smartphone Flash sale at @LIGHTINTHEBOX (16 Days Left)


If you are in store for a big phone with a great battery life and a very affordable price, the Lenovo VIBE P2 will inevitably show up as an option.The Lenovo VIBE P2 also stands out with its one-of-a-kind physical side button dedicated solely to enabling battery saving mode and’ with the rather frugal Snapdragon 625 chip running the show, it’s all about maximizing battery life.DESIGN & DISPLAY
The Lenovo VIBE P2 is a phone that is made to impress with battery longevity, and a bigger battery usually means a thicker and unsightly phone, but the Lenovo VIBE P2 is none of that. It features a sturdy metal construction: its metal for the frame, the sides and side buttons, and the back cover is metal as well (with two tiny strips of plastic for the antenna, but those are painted the same color as the metal back cover and do not poke out in any weird way).But wait, we hear you asking, isn’t the Lenovo VIBE P2, with its 5,100 mAh battery, significantly thicker too? True, it is a thicker phone, but the difference is really not that noticeable: the phone has a slightly curved towards the edges back cover that measures just 8.3mm thick. We are impressed that Lenovo fits such a huge battery in such a manageable form factor, and we definitely do not feel that the Lenovo VIBE P2 is too thick.The Lenovo VIBE P2 features a 5.5-inch Super AMOLED 1080 x 1920-pixel Full HD screen with all the typical characteristics of an AMOLED display: excellent contrast, great viewing angles.

The Lenovo VIBE P2’s camera software is also a tad clumsier to use than its rivals. Navigating through tedious menus isn’t ideal for on the fly photography, and the Lenovo VIBE P2 would have benefitted from Huawei’s one-hand-friendly left and right swipes.

This is a dual-SIM phone, still, something of a rarity for a handset bought through a UK mobile network, but the second slot doubles as a way to add extra storage with microSD cards – something I’m betting more people will be interested in.The Lenovo VIBE P2 runs on Android 6.0 Marshmallow with the company’s Vibe Pure UI on top.For the VIBE P2, Lenovo has gone with on-screen navigation keys rather than capacitive buttons.The Lenovo VIBE P2 also allows users to perform gestures using the fingerprint sensor.

Lenovo achieves this by squeezing a 5,100mAh battery into the Lenovo VIBE P2’s metal body (most current phones are around the 3,000mAh mark), but this isn’t a bulky phone. It does feel a little fatter than super-svelte flagships such as the Galaxy S7 Edge, but at 8.3mm thick and 177g it’s only 0.6mm thicker and 20g heavier than the Samsung.

The Lenovo VIBE P2 is a surprisingly nippy performer. Powered by Qualcomm’s octa-core 2GHz Snapdragon 625 chip and 4GB of RAM, overall responsiveness was good.The 32GB of onboard storage has about 24GB available to use out of the box, which is more than enough for a selection of apps and games to get you through a long journey.

Whether you’re a regular foreign traveler, or just don’t want to be tied to a power socket, the Lenovo VIBE P2 is an excellent alternative to a battery-draining flagship phone.Lenovo VIBE P2 is available on flash sale at LIGHTINTHEBOX at just $215.98(from now on 31st Aug).


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