Lenovo XE66 Wireless BT Neck Headphone at $13.50 (Limited Time Offer)


Convenient logic of use and a more stable connection make TWS headphones more and more popular. In recent years there have been more and more TWS on the market with support for ANC. For example, not long ago Lenovo introduced a new Lenovo XE66 Dual Driver BT Neckband Earphone, which is now available on Newegg.com at the price of $13.50, but it is a limited-time offer that will end on December 15. Is it worth the price of $13.50? Let us find out.

Design and Appearance

First of all, we should mention that this handsfree has a round neck design and it fits well around your neck and making it your support, and as a result, it will have better stability. In this way, it remains well on the neck even with a lot of activity and you can use it and benefit from it while exercising. You can use the hands-free for a long time and it will not make you tired.

By looking at the appearance of the handsfree, you will find that the dimensions of the phone are slightly larger than other handsfree, this is due to the presence of two speakers in each phone, which helps you to hear a much better sound and to be able to listen to music with higher quality.

The XE-66 is designed symmetrically, which makes the handsfree remain stable on the neck, and over time, it does not weigh down to the left or right and remains stationary. This handsfree also has a flexible neck, which makes you not worry about it being under pressure, and this is the advantage of the user-friendly design.


The diameter of the hands-free drivers is equal to 10 mm, and this will have a great effect on better hearing the sound and its details. The material used in this handsfree is ABS and TPE, it helps you to use it without any problem. The TPE used in this hands-free makes it skin-friendly and won’t cause any problems for you. The hands-free body form has an ergonomic design, which adds to its advantages.

It includes an in-built 105mAh battery that ensures you will get a long endurance time, 120 hours of standby time, and 5 hours of playtime without concern about power storage.

The Lenovo XE66 Dual Driver BT Neckband Earphone uses Bluetooth version 5.0, which you can use to connect to your desired device and start listening to music. If the device you connect to this hands-free has the same version of Bluetooth, you have other advantages, which we will mention some examples of.

Connecting two devices with Bluetooth 5.0 version can provide a better transfer rate, thus, the pairing speed of the phone and hands-free increases and you can listen to music with much better stability. It should also be added that connecting two devices with Bluetooth 5.0 will consume less battery.

Newegg.com offers you the Lenovo XE66 Dual Driver BT Neckband Earphone at a low price of $13.50, but it is a limited-time offer that will end on December 15. So hurry.

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